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All About Me

Written By: Singh - Aug• 25•15

All About Me

VA Studies- SOL Review Test Questions

Written By: Singh - May• 14•15

Virginia Studies Review

SOL Review Test

Famous Virginians- Who Am I?

Review Questions

Branches of Government

Regions- SOL Review

Written By: Singh - May• 14•15

Regions- Drag the Regions

Regions- Rags to Riches

Regions- Identify the Regions

Regions- Game

Regions- Game Challenge

Regions- Geography Crossword Puzzle

Crossword- Famous Virginians

Written By: Singh - May• 11•15

Famous Virginians

Important Dates Ahead

Written By: Singh - Apr• 27•15

Math MAP Testing- Wednesday, April 29th

Reading SOL- Wednesday, May 6th

Math SOL (Part 1)- Monday, May 11th

Math SOL (Part 2)- Tuesday, May 12th

VA Studies SOL- Wednesday, May 20th

Science MP4 Test- Friday, May 22nd

Field Day- Tuesday, May 26th

Awards Assembly- Wednesday, May 27th

End-of-Year Picnic- Wednesday, May 27th (11:15-12:30)

Last Day of School for Students- Friday, May 29th (Early Release)

Types of Poetry

Written By: Singh - Apr• 24•15


This Week’s Review- Language Arts

Written By: Singh - Apr• 16•15



What Can You Infer?

Can You Be A Detective?




Homonyms- Matching

Guess the Homonym

Vocabulary Challenge- Leveled

Jamestown Chaperones

Written By: Singh - Apr• 13•15

A HUGE thank you to all of the chaperones that joined us for our Jamestown Field Trip. The students greatly enjoyed all the exciting moments and they continue to share experiences that they thought were memorable.

Week of April 13th-17th

Written By: Singh - Apr• 13•15

Welcome back to school after a week of Spring Break :) . Here are some things we are learning about this week:

VA Studies: We are starting our unit on segregation and integration. During this week, we will take a look at how Jim Crow Laws affected our country. Also, students will learn about some monumental court cases that helped to change the country as integration occurred.

Language Arts:  Students are in various leveled texts as we continue to focus on nonfiction selections. Also, we will continue to review reading skills previously taught. In Word Study, students will continue to practice synonyms and antonyms by using words related to VA Studies.


No Eagle Camp on Monday, March 23rd

Written By: Singh - Mar• 20•15

Parent-teacher conferences from 4-7 on this day !