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Mar 12

Historical Perspectives Using Edmodo

The other week Ms. Carter and I spent some time brainstorming ways to help bring the Civil War to life for her 4th graders.  We wanted students to interact with the content in a way that would help them understand the experiences of Americans during this significant period of our history.  We decided to try …

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Feb 19

Edmodo Explosion!

This year we’ve seen an explosion in the use of Edmodo throughout our elementary schools!  I love the way I see teachers using it to engage students in learning.  In Mrs. Fergueson’s class at Randolph Elementary she ignites conversations with students by posting open-ended questions. She often posts questions that encourage her students to reflect …

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Nov 25

So much technology in our schools!

As a teacher, do you ever look back at your week and think, “Did all of that really happen?”  Last week was one of those weeks.  It was wonderfully crazy and filled with exciting events and learning opportunities in our schools.   I did not have time to post!  I hope to make up for …

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Oct 24

Technology Abounds at RES!

Walk the halls of RES, and you will be reminded instantly of how the teachers are advocating for students to learn 21st century skills!  All in one day you will see technology used at every level from kindergarten through fifth!   Yesterday, students with Ms. Taylor were using Edmodo and posting fluency practice.  They used the …

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Oct 21

First Student Learning Slam – Edmodo in Reading Class

Our students are using the iPads to get the most out of their school experience each day.  They are creating unique products to demonstrate what they have learned, and are collaborating with others.  In an effort to showcase the amazing work our students are doing, I am going to feature student work in a weekly …

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Sep 12

Edmodo for Parents

Parents, you may be wondering what it is that your students are doing when they spend time on Edmodo in school and at home.  Fortunately, you are able to monitor your child’s activities by signing into the service yourself!  Please follow the directions from the Edmodo parents guide. How to Sign up as a Parent …

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Aug 29

Edmodo – For Parents

Dear Goochland Elementary 5th Grade parents,   Tonight you will learn a lot about the iPad your student will use in school each day, and bring home each night.  We will show you many interesting apps.  One of the most interesting, perhaps, is Edmodo.   You may want to look back over some of the …

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