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  2. Writing Biographies — March 16, 2015
  3. Animating Science with Scratch — March 10, 2015
  4. Using Scratch to Create Learning Opportunities for Others — March 5, 2015
  5. Interactive Table by SMART — June 6, 2014

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Mar 27

Making Review Games

As the year ends it can be challenging to find ways to review material with students, while still proving opportunities to engage in the creative process.  The students in the pictures below are reviewing concepts learned throughout the year by creating review games.  Students could choose which type of game they wanted to create.  The …

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Mar 16

Writing Biographies

Student’s in Ms. Carter’s class were tasked to, “Choose a person from history who intrigues or amazes you in some way.”  Students could select a person from any party of the world who made contributions to any area of interest, such as math, science, writing, technology, or human rights.  After conducting research on the selected …

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Mar 10

Animating Science with Scratch

One hallmark of true understanding is when students understand material well enough to reteach that information to others.  5th grade students have been doing just that by creating animations to teach science concepts to other students.  Students have created animations to share information about the scientific method, simple machines, electricity, meteorological instruments, astronomers, and ecosystems. …

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Mar 05

Using Scratch to Create Learning Opportunities for Others

Students in Ms. Cosby’s class were given the task to create review materials using the Scratch program.   They learned how to use Scratch by self selecting video tutorials to learn new skills they could apply to their products.  Some students even taught skills based on request to the class using self-developed mini-lessons.  Students choose …

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Jun 06

Interactive Table by SMART

This week our preschool students had a chance to try out an interactive table, made by SMART. Up to six students could use the table at a time, but we stuck to just three students to start. In order to finish each activity the students had to work together. The students were very excited to …

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Jun 03

iPad Stands and Document Cameras – Student Made!

In Lisa Brown’s 5th grade math class students have been busy measuring, drilling, hammering, and building! We gave her students a challenge to build a stand for the iPads that could act as a document camera stand for teachers. Teachers can purchase document cameras online for around $100, and we knew we could find a …

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Jun 01

Cyberbullying refresher – before leaving for summer!

As students prepare to leave school for the summer, we wanted to take the time to remind them of responsible behavior online.  Over the summer students undoubtedly have more free time, and we know many of our students will spend that time online. 5th graders at GES spent an entire morning reviewing what cyberbullying is, …

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May 22

Another way to practice fluency!

This year at Byrd all second graders have learned how to practice reading fluency using the iPads.  Each class learned this skill using a different app.  Mrs. Swift’s class learned to create recordings using iMovie.  Mrs. Nixon’s class learned to use a voice recording app, and finally Mrs. Adam’s class recently learned to use Book …

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May 20

eBooks for Others

This year Mrs. Demas and I have enjoyed bringing various writing activities into the classroom that promote writing for a variety of audiences.  Recently, the students finished up another authentic writing project that gave a new audience a chance to view and enjoy their published work. The 4th grade students created eBooks using Book Creator …

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May 19

Kindergarteners create digital stories

Teaching lessons involving heavy technology use to kindergarteners is always an adventure!  Sometimes it is difficult to anticipate the flow, timing, and outcome of the lesson.   I always love the opportunity to work with Ms. Burton’s kindergarten students at BES!  They are great listeners and eager to participate in any lesson utilizing technology.  For their …

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