Mar 27

Making Review Games

As the year ends it can be challenging to find ways to review material with students, while still proving opportunities to engage in the creative process.  The students in the pictures below are reviewing concepts learned throughout the year by creating review games.  Students could choose which type of game they wanted to create.  The game could resemble a popular game or one completely created from the student’s imagination.  Students created board games, card games, and video games using Scratch.  One student pair even created their own version of Twister using the planets as the color splotches on the mat!  Another pair created a game using Scratch to review sound waves.  In this particular game as a player makes noises near the computer a sound wave appears on the screen.  Also, various sprites will react to the volume of the sounds in that they will change certain colors, spin fast or slow, and grow or shrink.  The final step of the game allows the player to label the parts of the sound wave they created.