Jun 01

Cyberbullying refresher – before leaving for summer!

As students prepare to leave school for the summer, we wanted to take the time to remind them of responsible behavior online.  Over the summer students undoubtedly have more free time, and we know many of our students will spend that time online.

5th graders at GES spent an entire morning reviewing what cyberbullying is, how it affects others, and how we can prevent it from happening.  The students worked in groups to research the answer to one of the questions below, and then they created a media project to act as a public service announcement.  We had time to share a few of their projects.  Later that day Officer Cranor (our Goochland County school resource officer) spoke to the students about cyberbullying to reinforce the information we shared in class earlier that day.  He had a wonderful movie to share as well.

The students at GES are responsible and kind.  I look forward to watching them act as upstanders when faced cyberbullying (or any type of bullying) in any situation!


Students worked with their group to research, and answer the following questions:


What is cyber bullying?

Are you a bystander or an upstander?  Learn to be an upstander.

What can a cyberbullying target do to get help?

What are the negative effects of cyberbullying?

What laws are associated with cyberbullying?

What can parents do to help kids with cyberbullying?

What can schools do to help kids with cyberbullying?

How can we prevent cyberbullying?