Mar 11

Bugs, Riddles, and QR Codes!

5th graders in Ms. Cosby’s class were given a sneak preview of the work Bea Cantor will share with students on Monday.  Bea is the ITRT at our secondary complex in Goochland County, and she is also one amazing photographer!  She uses iPhone macro photography to capture unique images of insect.  Her photographs show us a rare perspective that illustrate insects as complex and beautiful creatures – she even manages to make some of them look cute!

Her photos are too good to keep private.  Last year she published her own book called Calling Nature on iPhone Macro Photography, which you can check out through the Appel iBookstore.  This year she put her talents to work again, but this time she created a book geared towards younger viewers.  On Monday we will celebrate the release of her book at Goochland Elementary School.  Students with iPads will receive a copy of her book.

5th graders were given a first showing because they created advertisements to ignite excitement among the other students.  Each fifth grader chose one of Bea’s images, and linked it to a QR code.  The QR code was placed under a riddle created specifically for the image.  Other GES students will have the opportunity to read the riddles, and scan the QR code for the answer (which is the image of an insect).


Enjoy some of the students’ work!

I’m yellow like the sun

Yet black like night

I take flights

From flower to flower

My bite has power

What am I?  Answer


It’s eyes look like they were painted

As yellow as a mild sunset

Wrinkly as an old grandma

Cracked like an earthquaked ground

Mysterious as a black ninja

Open jawed as a great white shark

Looks fearless as a grown person

Lazy as its eyes slowly sink

Considerate as its eyes are filled with happiness

What am I?  Answer


My golden body is ruined by my dull black spots, as tiny as I am, my big eyes don’t seem to care. See me in spring, with my crystal clear wings, or catch me being a lady, climbing your sunshining wall.  Answer