Jan 16

World Faire!

The week before winter break GES 5th graders hosted a day-long World Faire that was the culmination of months of hard work in Jen Cosby’s class. In October students were put into research teams. Their mission was to work collaboratively with their team to research a foreign country of choice and prepare presentation materials for the World Faire.

To keep research efforts organized students used checklists in Google Docs. As they researched a topic relating to the country, they would update the team Google Doc. Students were able to view each others research thanks to sharing capabilities inherent in Google Apps.

Once research was complete, teams began work on their presentations. They used their iPads to create movies using iMovie, QR codes, and augmented reality overlays. On the non-techy side, students assembled a presentation board. The board showcased pictures, textual information, QR codes, and augmented reality projects.

The entire perimeter of the school cafeteria was decorated with presentation boards on the day of the fair! Students also prepared learning activities (differentiated for various grade-levels), food samples, crafts, games, speeches, and demonstrations to share with other students who visited the fair.

Each grade-level had a chance to come learn from our fabulous 5th grade students. When students entered the cafeteria they were given a passport. A 5th grade tour guide led a group of 2-4 students from country to country. After visiting each country the students received stamps in their passports and goodies to keep in their “suitcase”.  The passports were filled with postcards containing interesting facts on each country.  Students created the postcards using Explain Everything on their iPads.

The day was a huge success in terms of learning and student engagement. Everyone agreed they were exhausted at the conclusion of the event and after cleanup, but that it was well worth the effort!


To see more pictures of this wonderful event, please click on this link to visit our Supervisor of Instructional Technology’s blog, John Hendron.