Nov 26

GES iPad Exhibition

In Goochland County this year we began an incredible journey to explore the benefits of 1:1 devices in learning.  Our pilot began at Goochland Elementary School, where all 3rd through 5th grade students and teachers were given an iPad.  Everyday I am amazed at what students are learning and producing!  Furthermore, I am in awe of the teachers who plan engaging, well-structured lessons to guide student learning!


We are excited to share what is happening in our  classrooms with the community.  So, last Thursday we held an iPad Learning Exhibition.  It was a wonderful evening to meet and talk a variety of people from the community, including parents and students.


The event was set up like a museum, with posters

containing QR codes linked to videos as our exhibits.  Students star in the videos, and are demonstrating activities that are taking place in classrooms.  The exhibits lined the school hallways.   Also, 4th grade students opened a Jamestown Museum down one of the hallways.  They recently visited Jamestown on a field trip.  On this trip students collected information on various aspects of the colony and Native American village.  Upon returning to school, they recreated an object that represented a researched topic, and linked that topic to a video that shared more of their research (using Aurasma). Students brought their families to the exhibit, and led them through as a docent.  We had additional iPads on hand for those that visited without a student. Our hope is to share with others the deeper learning taking place at GES, which is facilitated by 1:1 devices.  Deeper learning means adopting more project-based and hands-on approaches to instruction, and enhancing curriculum by integrating 21st century skills into learning activities.   In case you missed it, you can visit the exhibition virtually through a site that features a number of the videos showcased last Thursday.  Also, John Hendron, our Supervisor of Instructional Technology and a great instructional leader wrote about the event on his blog.