Sep 04

Past to Present

Today 2nd graders in Mrs. Cachina’s class will compare and contrast communities, modes of transportation, and inventions of the past, with modern equivalencies.  Students will use pictures found via Internet searches to add a visual element element to a student constructed timeline.  The addition of QR codes to the timeline will make it interactive.  If all goes well, the QR codes will link to audio and movie files of the first sound recorded by Alexander Graham Bell, videos of the Ford Model-T, and videos of the first moon walk.  Students will take time to observe and discuss differences in the pictures they collect (and the ones posted below from a Flicker gallery) depicting the past, and familiar objects from the present.  Finally, the class will discuss the growth of human populations over time by viewing time lapse satellite images on Google Earth Engine.  I can’t wait to see how students react to seeing pictures of early radios, televisions, cars, and the first cell phone!
Sailor mechanic fueling a plane at the Naval Air Base, Corpus Christi, Texas  (LOC)Covered wagon in Chinle ArizonaEgypt[?]: Transportation boat.Route 40 Grade Separation (MSA)[Entering street car ?]  (LOC)Moving our guns to an advanced positionBlacks Using Bus Transportation On 63rd Street In Chicago During 1973 There Were 272,803,082 People Who Rode This Type Of Chicago Transit Authority Transportation, 07/1973Princess Anne [ship]  (LOC)Navaho transportation, Chinle ArizNew Wright Military Aeroplane  (LOC)Horse and cart, ArgentinaNorthern Pacific Railroad locomotiveWomen and children on an outingMiles Blaine CollectionRural Carrier and WagonKantner aeroplane  (LOC)Army aeroplane - war games Lt. Geiger, 8/10/12  (LOC)
Past to Present, a gallery on Flickr.