Oct. 26th – 30th

Oct. 26th – 30th


*Introducing, writing, and doing activities with the letter Uu

*Tracking words (pointing to words) in sentences at the bottom of the page.

*Learning to read the following TRICK WORDS: up.  Reviewing: look, see, like, I, come, my, at, the.

*Writing as “authors” in our Writing “Community”.

*Writing and reading our very own Halloween books!

*Working in RAZ Kids on a new story.


*Working on NUMBER SENSE and doing activities with the numbers 0-10. Learning to write our 0-10. Focus on 0-5 this week.

*Working on more/less and before/after.

*Creating even more fun patterns!


Working in our unit on Fall Celebrations. Our Book Character Day is Friday, October 30th  Please send your child’s costume to school in a bag. Your child’s costume must fit OVER your child’s regular clothes. Our Fall Celebration will be that afternoon at 2:30p.m.**Please NO masks or play weapons.



*Learning about BATS.

Over ——->



*Be sure to save and turn in your BOXTOP FOR EDUCATIONS labels!

*Your child will receive a GHOST with their name on it to go on our October Calendar if they can spell October (orally), and read the following words: look, at, a, my, I, the, this, see, like.

*October 21st – 27th  Book Fair Week.  October 27th is the last day to purchase books.

*Wednesday, October 28th we will watch Theater IV perform Sleeping Beauty

*Friday, October 30th is Book Character Dress up day!  Please fill out the form and return.

*Friday, October 30th is our Fall Treat from 2:30-3:00.

*Guest Reader Time!  Parents are invited into the room Monday-Thursday from 2:50 to 3:00 to read to the class.  If you would like to participate please email me a specific day or date and we can get you all set up.  If the time does not work please let me know and we can work something out.  We have plenty of books in the classroom, but you are more then welcome to bring your own books from home.  The students like to pick them out at home and really enjoy this time.  Look forward to seeing you!

*  If your child has headphones at home and would like to bring them in to use on Technology Fridays, please send them in. :)

Happy Fall!

Mrs. Neiditch

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