Carters Mountain this Friday!

Carters Mountain this Friday!


*Identifying, writing, and doing activities with the letter Ff.

*Reviewing letters Bb, and Tt.

*Learning to read the following Trick Words: Come, look, at, me, see, I, the.

Please review these words nightly.

*Having “Show and Tell” on Wednesday (Girls) and Friday (Boys if we get back

in time) on the letter Ff.

*Doing activities in our NURSERY RHYME UNIT.

*Lots of LITERATURE: identifying the parts of a book, author, and illustrator.

*We will be working on Literacy activities each week with our Book Buddies, Mrs.

Wilson’s 2nd grade class, on Friday afternoons.


*Learning to CLASSIFY and SORT according to color, shape, and size.

*Counting orally from 0-10.

*Doing activities with POSITIONAL WORDS.

*Patterns- 2 colors=ABAB or AABB and 3 colors=ABCABC

*Identifying objects with 2 attributes (color/shapes)


*Learning about the American “FLAG” and the Pledge of Allegiance.

*Working on listening skills, following directions, class rules, and getting along

with each other.


*Starting our unit of study on our 5 SENSES.

*Doing activities in our unit on Fall. Our emphasis this week is on APPLES! I am

asking that each student bring in 1 red apple, 1 green apple, and 1 yellow

apple by Monday.  We will be doing many fun activities with these apples.


——– Over


**September 25th, Carter’s Mountain Field Trip.  Chaperones we will depart

from RES at 8:40 and return by 2:30. Please send in your money and form

by September 22nd.

*Monday, September 21ST, Interims go home.

*Monday, September 28th, NO SCHOOL for students

*Friday, October 9th Roadrunners on the Run. Try your best to send out 10

letters. The class who has the most with 10 signatures gets to dunk Mr. Gardner

in the dunk tank!!

*Be sure to save your BOXTOP FOR EDUCATION labels!

Mrs. Neiditch

*Contact me at

*Great job on their Me Boxes!! The students did a great job presenting


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