2nd week of School

2nd week of School


*Identifying, writing, and doing activities with our FIRST name.  Working on writing our names “Kindergarten Style.” Please see attached paper

*Having “Show and Tell” on Wednesday (Girls) and Friday (Boys) (favorite stuffed animal)!

*Practicing cutting, tracing, coloring, and printing.

*Reading many new books and answering comprehension questions about these books.

*Starting our unit on NURSERY RHYMES

S.O.L: K.1 K.2 K.3 K.4 K.5 K.6 K.7



*Identifying, writing, and doing activities with the following shapes:  circle, triangle, square, rectangle, and oval.

*Counting orally from 0-10.  *Please practice nightly with your child.

*Doing activities with POSITIONAL WORDS.

S.OL.: K.1 K.2 K.3 K.11



*Learning The Pledge of Allegiance and recognizing the American Flag.

*Working on listening skills, following directions, class rules, and getting along with each other.

*Making new friends!

S.OL.: K.1 K.2 K.3 K.4 K.5 K.8 K.9



Doing activities with the colors GREEN, ORANGE, BLACK, and BROWN*During our unit on colors, your child may wear the “color of the day” to school.  Color days are as follows: Monday= green, Tuesday=orange, Wednesday= brown, Thursday= Black, Friday= Favorite Color Day . * S.O.L.K.1 K.4 K.6 K.8



*Instructional Fee due   ($10.00).

*Wednsday, September 2nd is School Picture Day. :)

*Thursday, September 3rd If you are interested in volunteering at Randolph please attend the Volunteers’ Orientation Mtg – 8:45 a.m. or 6:30 p.m. in the cafeteria.


*Monday, September 7th, School’s closed.  Have a great holiday weekend.

*September 10th at 6:30 is PTA night.  After the meeting we will have classroom visitation.  Join the PTA :)

*September 25th we will be going on a field trip to Carters Mountain.  More information to come.  We will have 5 chaperones per class, in order to be considered you have to receive a background check.  Please see attached paper.




*Check your child’s book bag daily!

*Ride the bus!

*Label all money!

*Send your child’s folder to school everyday!  Please look at their calendar in their folder each day.  Students are very excited if you comment on the students smiley face color for the day for behavior.

*Expect your child to be very tired for the first few weeks!


*We had a great first week in Kindergarten!  I am so proud of all my students!  Parents, you are doing a great job too!

Mrs. Neiditch

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