Welcome to Room 105!

Welcome to Room 105!

Dear Room 105 Parents,

 I’m excited about beginning the school year and meeting all the room 105 kids.  Kindergarten Orientation is Thursday, August 20, 1:00-2:30.  GCPS school buses will pick up you & your child at your designated area. If you are uncertain of this place & time, please contact RES at 556-5385.  Students and parents will assemble in our cafeteria upon arrival to RES.  I will be introduced in the cafeteria and take my new students to my room.  While I am getting to know my students, parents will spend some time with Mr. Gardner in the cafeteria.  He will fill all parents in on the routine and procedures for RES.  After meeting with Mr. Gardner, parents will join me in my classroom.  I will share specific things about kindergarten and my classroom.  This will be a great time to ask questions and sign up to help in the classroom.  Afterwards, all parents will visit our school library and pick up their children.  I am so excited about the upcoming school year!

Please bring your child’s school supplies to Orientation.

Thank you,

Whitney Neiditch

RES Kindergarten


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