Last Chance for After School Classes for Kindergarten

Last Chance for After School Classes for Kindergarten

Hip Hop Dance – 12  OPENINGS

Hip Hop is a high-energy dance form that is performed to music by artists such as Justin Bieber, Willow Smith, Katy Perry, Selena Gomez, Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Usher, Michael Jackson, Britney Spears and more. This dance form develops the student’s personal style and creativity in addition to promoting rhythm and coordination. Age appropriate music and movement is used in our children’s beginner Hip Hop classes. Parents are invited to join us on the last day of class for a Parent’s Day performance.

Teacher: Ms. Brittany or Ms. shaw Grades: K-3 Class size: 23 Cost: $50



Master cHo’s tae Kwon Do anD Martial arts  - 12 OPENINGS

Tae Kwon Do provides a fun way to get in shape! With this class, kids of all ages will improve their Focus, Respect, balance, coordination, motor skills, flexibility, strength and endurance – skills that will help them in other sports and make them more confident in their abilities. Teacher: Certified instructor from Master Cho’s Grades: K-5 Class size: 25 Cost: $35



story tiMe extravaganza – 7 OPENINGSMake stories come to life. We’ll enjoy listening to some past time favorites. Story time will be extended with hands-on arts and craft activities that enhance the read aloud experience. We may get messy so bring an art shirt.

Teacher: Ms. Dinger Grades: K Class size: 10 Cost: $35 

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