Welcome Back!

Welcome Back!


*Identifying, writing, and doing activities with all learned letters as well as the letter Pp.

*Practicing reading the following TRICK WORDS:  see & my.

*Reading and writing in our Raz kids and Reading groups.

*Having “Show and Tell”  Wednesday (Girls) and Friday (Boys).  See if you can find something that begins with the letter Pp.

S.O.L: K.1 K.2 K.3 K.4 K.5 K.6 K.7 K.8 K.9 K.10 K.11



*Identifying, writing, and doing activities with the numbers 0-15.

*Reading Graphs.

*Counting aloud from 0-75!

S.OL.: K.1 K.2 K.3 K.11 K.12 K.13 K.17 K.18



*Making New Years Resolutions.

*Reciting the Months of the Year and learning about the holidays in each month.

S.OL.:  K.1 K.2 K.4 K.5 K.8 K.9



*Finishing our unit on magnets.  (With all of our fun activities before break we did not get to finish this unit).

*Recognizing signs of WINTER.

* S.O.L.K.1 K.2 K.3 K.4 K.6 K.8


Encore Schedule for the week:  Mon.= PE, Tues.= Art, Wed.= Music, Thurs.= PE, Fri.= Library

———–à OVER


*Read your January “Book It books.  A new form for January is attached.

*Be sure to save and turn in your BOXTOP FOR EDUCATIONS labels!

*January 19th No School-Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday

**HAPPY BIRTHDAY IN JANUARY TO PABLO WINSOR JANUARY 13TH, AND OUR NEW STUDENT CLOVER GORDON on January 30TH (we are so excited to welcome her to room 105)!

*Your child must be able to orally spell January and recite the attached poem to receive a snowman with their names on it for our January Calendar.


Happy New Year!

Mrs. Neiditch J

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