Sept. 8th- 12th

Sept. 8th- 12th



*Identifying, writing, and doing activities with the letter  Bb.

*Reviewing and writing the letter Tt.

*Learning to read the following TRICK WORDS: Look, at, my, see, I

*Doing activities in our unit on NURSERY RHYMES and Rhyming.

*Practicing cutting, tracing, coloring, and printing.

*Show and Tell for Girls (Wednesday) and Boys (Friday).  Find something that starts with the  letter Bb!

S.O.L: K.1 K.2 K.3 K.4 K.5 K.6 K.7 K.8 K.9 K.10


*Learning to CLASSIFY and SORT according to color, shape, and size.

*Counting orally from 0-10.

*Recognizing, creating, and extending AB patterns (patterns with 2 members).

S.OL.:  K.1 K.2 K.3 K.11 K.12 K.13 K.17 K.18


*Doing activities in our “All About Me” unit.

Boxes and Surveys are due MONDAY!

S.OL.: K.8 K.9


*GRAPHING activities.

* S.O.L.K.1 K.4 K.6 K.8

Encore Schedule for the week: Mon.= PE (wear appropriate Shoes), Tues.= Art Wed.= Music, Thurs.= PE, Fri.= Library (please send your child’s book back, otherwise they are not allowed to check out another book)

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENTS:      *PTA Back to School Night is Thursday, September 11th. All of the wonderful work and projects will be on display for you to see!  After the meeting in the cafeteria we will have classroom visitation.

*Instructional Fee due   ($10.00).  Please turn this in if you have not already.

*Monday, September 8th is School Picture Day. :)

Friday, September 12th, Blue Ribbon Reader forms due.

*Please join the PTA.  The class with 100% participation wins a prize.  If the school has 100% participation we can win grants for our school.  Join the PTA for $6.00.  Make checks out to RES PTA

*Be sure to save your BOXTOP FOR EDUCATION labels.

*Your child should be able to identify all the shapes and colors at this time.  Ask your child about the letter Tt and what sound it makes.  See if they can tell you words that start with the letter Tt.

Mrs. Neiditch

*Contact me at

*Good luck on your Me Boxes (due Monday)!

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