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Princess Tea Party!

Princess Tea Party!

Wow, what a great day and group for a princess tea party!  The students created their own princess tiaras to wear to our Princess Tea party this afternoon.  Some of the materials students were able to use were : Rubber bands, construction paper, craft sticks                 tape, beads, plastic head bands, yarn, fabric, glue, glue sticks, sequins, beads, plastic jewels.

What princess doesn’t love GLITTER, BEADS, AND JEWELS!






Princesses enjoying afternoon tea, cookies, and cupcakes!




Cinderella’s Carriage

Cinderella’s Carriage

Day 3 of STEM Camp, the students enjoyed building a carriage for Cinderella.  The carriage had to be at least 20 inches tall and had to have reins for at least 1 horse.  Some of the supplies the students were able to use were:  Rubber bands, construction paper, craft sticks, tape,tag board, cardboard, yarn, glue, glue sticks, old boxes, paper towel or toilet paper rolls, bottle caps, antibacterial wipe containers

Getting ideas by checking out Cinderella’s carriage in a You Tube clip.


Working together :)



Cinderella’s Carriages!



STEM Camp Day 2

STEM Camp Day 2

Who has heard of the Paper Bag Princess?  I know this was new to Mrs. DeLong and I and a few of the kids in class.  However, this did not stop us from creating awesome castles for the Princess.

Watching and Listening to the story the Paper Bag Princess

Brainstorming Ideas to create the Castle.  Here are some of the materials the students were able to use:  Rubber bands, construction paper, craft sticks, tape, tag board                        cardboard, yarn, fabric, glue,  glue sticks, old boxes, paper towel or toilet paper rolls.    

Shopping for our supplies!  The kids love this part and get so creative!



Working together and creating our castles!


Check out these FANTASTIC CASTLES!




STEM Camp Day 1

STEM Camp Day 1

Wow, what a fun and creative day we had in our Sweet and Sassy class!  Check out the pictures of our students working together to create Snow White’s bed!                          


Taking a break and enjoying a little bit of Recess


Check out these awesome Sleeping Beauty beds!



Welcome to STEM Camp

Welcome to STEM Camp
1.  Camp will begin at 8:00AM and go to 11:30AM at Goochland Middle School located at 3250-B River Road West.  Their phone number is 556-5320.  If you requested bus transportation, the Transportation Department mailed notices out yesterday.
2.  Please send a “heavy” snack.
3.  Friday, after a quick bathroom run, we will board the buses to spend the day at the Science Museum of Virginia.  Please send a lunch with your child along with a drink.  You may want to partially freeze the drink so it will still be cold (but not frozen) by lunch time.  We should be back at GMS at 2:30PM.
4.  Just like regular school, please send us a note or email if your child will not be attending camp one day, especially if it is Friday, or telling us of any alternate transportation needs.
5.  All students will be getting a camp T-shirt.  Please have them wear it to the museum on Friday.
Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you might have.  In the meantime, you will find a tentative schedule for the week below.  
8:00-8:10 – Arrival
8:10-8:45 – Mini-design challenge
8:45-9:00 – Introduce fairy tale/princess
9:00-9:30 – Review design briefs, sketch solutions, share with partners
9:30-9:45 – “Shop” for supplies
9:45-10:00 – Break/Snack
10:00-11:00 – Construction
11:00-11:20 – Clean up, share solutions
11:20-11:30 – Add projects to museum
Monday – Sleeping Beauty
Tuesday – The Paper Bag Princess
Wednesday – Cinderella
Thursday – Princess Tea Party