Happy Snow Day!

Happy Snow Day!


*Identifying, writing, and doing activities with the letters Jj  and Pp.

*Learning to read the following HIGH FREQUENCY WORDS:  we, on, to.

S.O.L: K.1 K.2 K.3 K.4 K.5 K.6 K.7 K.8 K.9 K.10 K.11



*Putting 0-10 in order and making sets with these numbers.

*Writing our numbers 0-10.

*Counting ordinal numbers first-tenth.

S.OL.: K.1 K.2 K.3 K.11 K.12 K.13 K.17 K.18



*Doing activities in our unit of study on December Celebrations. We will be busy little elves making special presents for our families.

*Doing activities in our unit of study on CHRISTMAS AROUND THE WORLD (with no religious content).  We will be doing activities that relate to all curriculum areas and will be studying traditions of different countries, including our own!

S.OL.:  K.1 K.2 K.4 K.5 K.8 K.9



*Getting ready to learn about our new season:  Winter!

* S.O.L.K.1 K.2 K.3 K.4 K.6 K.8


Encore Schedule for the week:  Mon.=PE Tues.= Library and Guidance, Wed.= Art, Thurs.= Music Fri.= PE


*Be sure to save and turn in your BOXTOP FOR EDUCATIONS labels!

*December Calendar Activity:  Your child will receive a Christmas tree with their name on it, if they can orally spell December and name Santa’s reindeer.  Just in case you need a little reminder: Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, and Blitzen.

*The RES Winter Program is Monday, December 16th at GHS.

From Mr. Snead:  Students should arrive no later than 6:30 p.m, the program will begin at 7:00 p.m.

Kindergarten:  Students are asked to wear white shirts with no writing or large logos and dark pants or skirts.

*Friday December 20th students will have an early dismissal at 1:00.

*Our Winter Polar Express party will be in the morning Friday, December 20th.  Time TBA.

Wish List for December


Red, green, or white pom-poms

Cotton Balls

Candy Canes (both large and small)

Honey Maid “Gingerbread’ Graham Cracker

“Fluffanutter” OR Marshmellow Fluff

Gumdrops and small candies to decorate gingerbread houses


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