HOT NEWS — A Chili Cookoff at GHS

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Support the Chili Cookoff  on Tuesday, September 25, 2012 at 6:00 p.m. at the GHS Football Stadium

Presented by the GHS Athletic Boosters as part of Spirit Night!


CHILI CONTESTANTS ARE NEEDED!   PRIZES: 1st Place $75.00 /  2nd Place $50.00 /  3rd Place $25.00 with a BEST Decorated Booth Prize of $25.00

Only $10.00 entry fee





For Entry and More Information, please Contact:

Gina @ or

Brooke @




What is a smooth opening of school?

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Now in our third week of school at GHS, I hear about the opening of school yesterday in Chesterfield County.  It comes in the form of a tweet… “A perfectly smooth opening in Chesterfield!  And, yes, the sun is shining! It’s going to be a GREAT year… we’re designed for excellence!”

I reflect on OUR opening.  One of the differences this year at GHS is the new principal, Mr. Newman,  and the ideas he brings.  As he listened to teachers and students before the doors were opened this year, he identified a couple of problems that he heard about and made some changes.  He wanted to correct the congestion in the halls first thing every morning and he wanted to assure a safe building from the start of the day. In addition, he wanted to know the students because relationships are important to him.  Building relationships is one of the themes for our division this year.

So, from the first day, students could move beyond the downstairs halls, they were encouraged by frequently “stationed” staff to go upstairs and to enter classrooms from the moment they walked in the school.  Access to the building was restricted to two doors, the front door and the back cafeteria door used as the entrance for basketball games from the student parking lot. At 8:25 a.m. this door is locked and anyone entering must come through the main office restricting access to those with permission to be there.  Two goals accomplished.

In addition, Mr. Newman appeared on the public address system, the first day and every day since, to greet students with his voice to say the pledge of allegiance, to have a moment of silent reflection and to give a positive message for the day.  The News 2 message he delivered the first day, the class meetings he held the second week and the past three weeks of frequent visits to classrooms and wide visibility in the halls have produced another result he sought . . . building relationships.  Mr. Newman is getting to know the students at GHS and greets them all, many now by name.

So, three weeks in, I invite you to take the challenge.  Come visit GHS.  I have seen for myself what teaching and learning looks like from the moment the bell rings in the morning until the last bulldog yell takes place late in the afternoon of the first Friday Pep Rally. Proof is in the witnessing . . .  I can tweet “A perfectly smooth opening in Goochland.   Rain or shine, it is going to be a GREAT year… we’re designed for excellence!”

Mike Newman on the right, new GHS Principal, pictured here getting the keys to the school from his two assistant principals, Karen Scott and Matt Covington

Will the real bulldog please stand up . . .

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Principal Bulldog, Mr. Newman and GHS mascot bulldog at last Friday’s win against Fluvanna High.

Substitute Teachers in the Clouds

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A new substitute calling system will be implemented next Monday, August 20, 2012, as the school year begins.  It is called Aesop by Frontline Technologies. It allows teachers to call in or post the need for a substitute on a web-page.  Likewise, substitutes receive calls or check a web-page to view and accept substitute assignments.  In addition to sub calling, this system will track all of the GCPS employee attendance.

Here is how it works…


GHS named as Microsoft IT Academy

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GHS has been approved and officially registered as a Microsoft IT Academy as part of the Governor’s IT initiative. Ms. Carol Washburn and the business department at GHS will work collaboratively to take advantage of over 200 multimedia courses, lesson pans, student projects and test bank items that will promote students’ understanding of the exciting and rapidly growing field of Internet Technology.

Why Does the Principal Want to Talk to You?

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Mike Newman, the new principal of GHS wants to talk to you.  Yes, you!  In the first few weeks on the job Mr. Newman has invited parents and students in to talk because he wants to get to know the Bulldog community. He recently spoke to the football team and their parents, the volleyball and golf teams, the drama students, and of course, the band and many boosters.   Twenty randomly called students ware invited in for a “talk” session and Mike stood in the cafeteria during Business Day hours to meet and greet.  Of course, he met all of his teachers and staff, and his goal is to know all the “kids” too.  But he wants to know parents and community members as well.

On his first day working in Goochland, Mike Newman attended the division leadership retreat.  His contributions included the need to build relationships.  This relationship building started that day with Mrs. Johnette Burdette, Principal of GMS, with whom he shares the middle school/high school complex. The shared vision of seeking to know the Goochland community started on his first day in July and continues as the school year begins.  If you get the chance, go up and say “hello” to Mr. Newman.  He’s eager to meet you!

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