It All Began….

with this book, A Day at the Pumpkin Patch.  We read about an event that is popular in the fall called pumpkin chunkin.  People participate in a competition where they design machines that throw pumpkins.  The machine designer that throws the pumpkin the farthest is the winner! The students wrote a journal entry about how they would design a pumpkin chunkin machine.  Later, Mrs. Hawk, Mrs. Donovan’s and Mrs. Wilcox’s students watched a video on the science discovery channel to see a real pumpkin chunkin competition!  The students begin sketches of their designs and the creating began!After building their pumpkin chunkin machines, the competition was ready to begin!  Candy pumpkins were given to the competitors and the machines shown what they could do outside on the blacktop.

The winners (Amelia and Emma) shot the pumpkin 438 inches down the blacktop!  Ella and Emily were second place winners at 198 inches and Phelan was our third place winner at 143 inches!  Great job, First Graders!

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