G21: Hope for Haiti

Hope for Haiti is a G21 Project that was a collaborative effort between the Encore staff at Randolph Elementary School during the 2012-13 school year.  The project was led by Art teacher, Cindy Edmonds.  PE teacher, Mike Simons, Music teacher, Andrew Snead, and Library-Media Specialist, Susan Vaughan also contributed to this project.

RES 4th graders pose with the second of two murals they designed for the students at St. Barnabus School in Haiti.

The purposes of Hope for Haiti were to…

  • educate students in grades 3-5 regarding the efforts being made to help Haiti after the earthquake
  • establish a connection between our school and a school in Haiti
  • contribute materials to give students in Haiti enrichment opportunities in fine arts and physical education
  • share our love of art with students in Haiti
NOVEMBER 2012:  Enrichment Day
The third, fourth and fifth grade students were introduced to Mrs. Edmonds’ friend, Leslie Jordanger, during three assemblies for Enrichment Day on November 15, 2012. Ms. Jordanger works with La Gonâve Haiti Partnership, a group that travels to Haiti and provides medical and dental services to those in need.  Multiple times each year, Ms. Jordanger visits St. Barnabus School on La Gonâve Island in Haiti.

Ms. Jordanger explains what life is like in Haiti to the students during the assembly.


Students viewed traditional folk art made in Haiti.

During the assemblies, Susan Vaughan read the ebook Hope for Haiti by Jesse Joshua Watson from the We Give Books website to the students.

Hope for Haiti is a book about a young boy who finds hope when he is given an old soccer ball to play with in the wake of Haiti’s devastating earthquake.


Cindy Edmonds and Ms. Jordanger shared their appreciation for the different types of art that are created in Haiti.  They also presented a Keynote about the reasons why so many charities are involved with the people of Haiti.  Cindy Edmonds then explained that the students in fourth grade would be creating a mural to send to St. Barnabus School.

A slide from the Keynote presentation on Enrichment Day that shows an example of the devastation after the earthquake in Haiti.


School children who attend St. Barnabus School in Haiti.

Mike Simons shared his passion for sports and the love that Haitian people have for soccer.  He said that the third grade students would focus their efforts on learning soccer skills and collecting soccer equipment to send to Haiti.

Andrew Snead was absent on Enrichment Day, but the fifth grade students learned that they would be raising funds to purchase new recorders to send to the children who attend St. Barnabus School in Haiti.

NOVEMBER 2012:  Encore Classes


Students in Library classes researched and learned more about the author of the Hope for Haiti book and the relief efforts that continue to happen in that country.  They used Google Earth to locate the country and its relation to Goochland, Virginia.

During the November book fair, Susan Vaughan collected spare change through Scholastic’s All for Books program.  $100 was raised to help pay for shipping costs, materials, and other expenses related to our Hope for Haiti G21 project!  Click here to read about the All for Books program on Susan Vaughan’s RES Library Learners blog.

All for Books is a program that raises funds to give books to children in need.


Mike Simons hosted an “All-Star Soccer” event during the fall book fair’s family night.  He collected new and used soccer balls, pumps, and equipment to send to St. Barnabus School in Haiti.  Click here to read a post about this project from Mr. Simons’ Faster Higher Stronger blog.


In Art classes, 4th grade students submitted designs for the murals they wanted to create.  Click here to see what Cindy Edmonds blogged about to get her students excited about this project.

The sketch that inspired one of the murals!


DECEMBER 2012:  Encore Classes


RES students in grades 3-5 brainstormed ideas about what to include in the book we would be creating to send to the students at St. Barnabus School in Haiti.  They worked together to write information about things that we do in our school and why we appreciate Art, Music, and PE classes and experiences.  This information was transferred into a Wordle creation and quotes for the book.

An example of one of the Wordle designs created by 3rd grade students in Library classes.



4th grade Art classes began the process of creating the mural.  Cindy Edmonds posted updates about the students’ progress on her blog, The Sketchbook.  Click here to see more of the amazing photographs she took!

Work began on the murals during 4th grade art classes.


A sample page about Art from the book created by students at RES.


Fifth grade students performed songs on the recorders in Music classes.

A sample page about Music from the book created for the students at St. Barnabus School in Haiti.


Third grade students learned soccer skills in PE classes.

Third grade students take a break after playing soccer in PE class.


JANUARY 2013:  Encore Classes


The 4th grade students completed not one, but two murals to send to St. Barnabus School in Haiti!

The second mural created by 4th graders included colorful hands holding soccer balls.


Students in Mrs. Ferguson’s 4th grade class also wrote letters to the students in Haiti. The letters were translated into Haitian Creole before being sent.



A fifth grade student’s GRIP project was focused on efforts to help Haiti.  He spent time in the Library after school researching to learn about organizations like UNICEF to see if he could get information to create more awareness and set up a special fundraiser for our school.  He spoke with Ms. Jordanger and then decided to assist Andrew Snead with writing technical instruction materials for students in Haiti to learn how to play the recorders that were being purchased for them with the funds from the book fair’s All For Books program.


FEBRUARY 2013:  Encore Classes


Fifth grade students created an instructional guide for music reading and recorder performance. Students reflected on their experience as beginning recorder students, taking into account everything from how to hold the instrument to proper hand position.   Students also worked to create music reading guides that could be language neutral, utilizing notation and simple explanations. Additionally, students composed music for the project.

A 5th grade student holds up a completed manual that explains how to use the recorders that will be sent to students at St. Barnabus School.


FEBRUARY 2013:  The First Delivery

Ms. Jordanger traveled to St. Barnabus School and delivered the art murals made by the 4th grade students.  Click here to read a post on Cindy Edmonds blog to learn more about the project.

4th grade students pose with one of their completed murals in front of RES.


Students in Haiti were thrilled to receive the art mural from RES students.


Students at St. Barnabus School in Haiti pose with the second mural created by RES 4th graders.

APRIL 2013:  The Second Delivery

Ms. Jordanger returned to St. Barnabus School at the beginning of April.  Final touches needed to be made on the second shipment of materials before her trip, so the Encore staff agreed to send the packages of soccer balls, recorders, and the book with her on her next visit to Haiti.  This blog page will be updated with that information as soon as possible.

Supplies collected by 3rd and 5th grade students at RES are ready to be sent to Haiti.

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