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I apologize for not posting lately, but so much has been going on and I’m just now catching up on sharing all of the latest Library excitement!

First, I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to all of the amazing volunteers who worked tirelessly to make the Kingdom of Reading book fair a success.  In fact, this was THE MOST SUCCESSFUL BOOK FAIR EVER AT RES!!!  Wow!!  Thank you thank you thank you for your generosity!  I will be sure to share what our plans are for the money you helped to raise for our school library program.

Here are a few pics from the Kingdom of Reading book fair events…

Click here to get the latest information about the book fair!  The Book Fair page on this blog will give you Preview Day (October 24) schedules, Purchase schedules, and information about how to volunteer!

It’s hard to believe, but the fall Book Fair is ONE MONTH away!  This October, we will be transforming the RES Library-Media Center into Sir Readalot’s Castle: Enter the Kingdom of Books!

I am currently searching for volunteers to help with this huge, but incredibly rewarding, task.  Volunteers positions include…

  • Volunteer Coordinator
    • Set up a Sign Up Genius page to organize shifts
    • Recruit other volunteers
  • Decorations Committee
    • Create displays based on the theme
    • Work with Student Crew
  • All for Books Coordinator
    • Create a lollipop sale display or student contest to help raise money for the All for Books program…and for RES!
  • Wish List Assistant
    • Help the students locate books, prices, and items they are interested in purchasing on Student Preview Day (October 24).
    • Write titles of books on Wish Lists for younger students.
  • Sales Associate
    • Work the cash register to help with student and family purchases during sale days.
  • Muffin Donations
    • Donate items for our Muffins with Mummies event on the morning of October 29.
  • Set-Up Crew
    • Come in during the morning of October 23 to move tables, take books out of boxes, create table displays, and organize the items for sale
  • Take-Down Crew
    • Help during the afternoon of October 31 to re-pack boxes, make final financial deposits, and get the library back to “normal.”

ANY assistance that volunteers can provide would be absolutely wonderful!  Thank you in advance for all that you do to make RES such an amazing school!


Sunshine, rain or snow,

Randolph’s “Book Fair Fiesta!”

is ready to go!

Members of the “Book Fair Fiesta!” Student Crew volunteered their time to come to school on a Saturday to help on Set-Up Day.  The “Book Fair Fiesta!” was scheduled to open today, March 3rd, but due to the snow, opening day will be delayed.  Once we know when we will return to school, I will post an updated schedule on this blog.  Thank you for your support of Randolph Elementary School’s Library-Media Center!


The spring book fair is nearly here!  We are currently recruiting volunteers to help with the Book Fair Fiesta, which will be held the week of March 3-7.  Volunteers, please visit our Sign Up Genius to schedule a time that works for you.

Join our volunteer group and help us plan and conduct our school’s best reading event ever!  Join us if you …

  • like to organize and put things in place.
  • bring creative flair to signs and decorations.
  • enjoy offering a helping hand, setting up, or packing up.
  • want to help shoppers of all ages find the perfect book.

We appreciate your support in whatever form it takes!  Thank you for helping make the Book Fair Fiesta a celebration of reading!

Now that the Reading Oasis book fair is over, I am looking for some volunteers who would be willing to come in and help re-shelve library books.  We normally have about 1,500 books that are checked out every week, which means there are always plenty to re-shelve.

In addition, I am still slowly working on adding leveled Accelerated Reader stickers to the books in the Library collection.  Nearly every single book (and there are thousands) will need to have an AR sticker.  These stickers help our students when they are selecting materials to read.

Volunteers who are interested in helping with these tasks (or anything else!) can either contact me at or just show up…anytime!  THANK YOU!

Volunteers are needed to help with the Reading Oasis Book Fair!

  • October 31st – Set Up Day from 1-3 PM
  • November 1st – Student Preview Day from 8AM-3 PM
  • November 4th – Purchase Day from 12-3 PM
  • November 5th – Parent Conference Day *Special Hours from 12-6 PM
  • November 6th – Purchase Day from 8 AM-3PM
  • November 7th – Final Purchase Day from 8AM-1:30 PM
  • November 7th – Take Down Book Fair from 1:30-3 PM
Contact RES Library-Media Specialist, Susan Vaughan
OR visit the Reading Oasis Book Fair Sign-Up Genius:

The Library-Media program has BIG plans for the 2013-14 school year!

  • Third grade boys will be given the opportunity to join the “No Girls Allowed” Book Club, which will meet on Friday afternoons.
  • Fourth and fifth grade students are encouraged to participate in Reading Olympics on Wednesday afternoons.
  • Second grade students will be participating in an arts-integrated grant-funded unit titled “Discovery: What Lies Beneath the Surface”, created by Mrs. Edmonds and Mrs. Vaughan.
  • Students who turned in their “Read to Win” summer reading forms will be awarded blue ribbons at Field Day of the Past on Sunday, September 22nd.
  • All students will participate in the “Read for the Record” program on Thursday, October 3rd.
  • Kindergarten will go on the first-ever Library Field Trip on Monday, November 4th to see a theatrical production of Skippyjon Jones at University of Richmond’s Modlin Center for the Arts.
  • An Ancient Egyptian-themed book fair will take place from November 4th-8th.
  • A second book fair is scheduled from March 1st-7th (theme TBA).
  • A famous special guest author/illustrator will be visiting RES to speak to students during Reading Month in March.
  • Dr. Seuss Day will be on Monday, March 3rd.
  • RES will be hosting the 2014 Reading Olympics tournament on Thursday, April 3rd.
  • Students will be working together throughout the year to create productions for the first annual Student Film Festival on Fine Arts Night in April.
  • Accelerated Reader awards will be given out throughout the year…and grand prizes awarded at the awards assemblies in May.

More than ever, volunteers are needed and appreciated to make all of our Library-Media dreams come true.  Please contact Susan Vaughan if you are able to donate some of your time to these wonderful projects lined up for the school year.

Thanks to the many amazingly wonderful RES volunteers who have helped to make this year’s Library-Media program a success!

Mrs. Whitlock reads Dr. Seuss stories to students.


Library volunteers helped by…

  • reading to classes when I was needed for testing or to attend meetings
  • reshelving books
  • checking out books and materials to patrons
  • repairing damaged materials
  • creating displays for the book fair and other special events
  • coaching Reading Olympics teams
  • assisting with book fairs
  • working with small groups of students
  • preparing art materials to use with lessons
  • setting up activities…and so much more!

I am forever in your debt.  Thank you for another fantastic year!

The Special Guest Reader program continues on Thursdays in the Library!

Students have an opportunity to come each week and listen to volunteers read their favorite stories.  Many of our visitors have been from the Rotary Club of Goochland, who generously donate new books to our library.

As November ends, we would like to let all of our past and future Special Guest Readers know that we are thankful for the time they give to read to our children.  We appreciate it!