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3rd, 4th & 5th grade students will be introduced to Follett Shelf this week during Library class.  Students will learn how to access their Follet Shelf accounts to borrow and read eBooks that have been purchased by Randolph Elementary School.  They will also be able to save notes, highlights, and bookmarks that they can access after returning the eBooks.

In addition to their regular library books, students will be able to check out one eBook at a time.  They will be automatically returned after a 14-day loan period.

Reading Olympics participants will find that we have many of this year’s titles available in this digital version as well as in print!

Once 5th graders receive their iPads, they will be given the opportunity to download an app to access Follett Shelf more easily.

Click here to check out our new Follett Shelf eBook collection!

You will need to use the username and password I provided you during Library classes.  If you forgot, please contact me.


This week is Bookmark Week in the Library!

Kindergarten and 1st grade classes are listening to the beginning of the story, Penelope Popper, Book Doctor by Toni Buzzeo.  In this week’s part of the story, students learn three important rules for taking care of books:

  1. Always wash your hands before you read.
  2. Turn the pages carefully and slowly.
  3. Never dog-ear a page. Always use a bookmark.

After reading, students visited the RES Book Hospital, where books go when they are “sick” and need to visit the Book Doctor (me!).  They explored what happens to books when the three rules (above) are not followed.  At the end of class, students earned a NEW bookmark to keep and use in the books they borrow.


3rd-5th grade classes had a “maintenance week” with bookmarks in the library.  They learned how to edit their bookmarks bar in Safari, a web-browser.  They deleted bookmarks that they wouldn’t use in school and added bookmarks that were important to them (like links to Accelerated Reader, their teacher’s blog, the RES website, and more).  These students also learned how to set their homepage in Safari to the RES website, making it easier to access the information they need and avoid taking extra steps to get to where they want to go when using the Internet.

The Student Council Association has already been hard at work this week in the Library.

A volunteer from GHS helped one of the SCA candidates film her commercial.

Students who are campaigning for an Officer position have been coming to the Library every day to create and edit their commercials, which will air next Wednesday at school.  The commercials were made with the iMovie app on the school’s iPads.  The results are simply awesome!

The SCA Officer candidates worked together and helped each other film their commercials.

We would like to send out a HUGE thanks to Mrs. Zoe Parrish, the new elementary ITRT, for her amazing guidance and assistance with this project!  We couldn’t have done it without you!

The RES SCA Officer candidates worked closely with ITRT, Mrs. Parrish on their commercial projects.

The Library-Media program has BIG plans for the 2013-14 school year!

  • Third grade boys will be given the opportunity to join the “No Girls Allowed” Book Club, which will meet on Friday afternoons.
  • Fourth and fifth grade students are encouraged to participate in Reading Olympics on Wednesday afternoons.
  • Second grade students will be participating in an arts-integrated grant-funded unit titled “Discovery: What Lies Beneath the Surface”, created by Mrs. Edmonds and Mrs. Vaughan.
  • Students who turned in their “Read to Win” summer reading forms will be awarded blue ribbons at Field Day of the Past on Sunday, September 22nd.
  • All students will participate in the “Read for the Record” program on Thursday, October 3rd.
  • Kindergarten will go on the first-ever Library Field Trip on Monday, November 4th to see a theatrical production of Skippyjon Jones at University of Richmond’s Modlin Center for the Arts.
  • An Ancient Egyptian-themed book fair will take place from November 4th-8th.
  • A second book fair is scheduled from March 1st-7th (theme TBA).
  • A famous special guest author/illustrator will be visiting RES to speak to students during Reading Month in March.
  • Dr. Seuss Day will be on Monday, March 3rd.
  • RES will be hosting the 2014 Reading Olympics tournament on Thursday, April 3rd.
  • Students will be working together throughout the year to create productions for the first annual Student Film Festival on Fine Arts Night in April.
  • Accelerated Reader awards will be given out throughout the year…and grand prizes awarded at the awards assemblies in May.

More than ever, volunteers are needed and appreciated to make all of our Library-Media dreams come true.  Please contact Susan Vaughan if you are able to donate some of your time to these wonderful projects lined up for the school year.

If you didn’t get a chance to purchase a favorite item at the RES book fair last week, there is still an opportunity to get it.  The ONLINE Book Fair is open until November 24th!

Here’s how it works:

  • You can browse through our special online website that is designated just for RES families.
  • Click on the items you would like to choose and add them to your shopping basket.
  • Pay for the purchases.
  • After November 24th, all purchases will be shipped to RES in your child’s name for FREE!
  • All purchases made at the school book fair last week and the Online Book Fair benefit RES.

Thank you for your support!

The second grade students are working on animal research projects in their science classes.  In the library, they will be learning some useful research skills as we work on a group project to learn more about armadillos.

Why armadillos?  We were inspired to learn more about armadillos after reading Jan Brett’s book, Armadillo Rodeo.  In that story, we learned that armadillos have poor eyesight and can curl into a ball to protect themselves.  Students had many other questions about this animal and we’re hoping that our research project will help to answer them.

Students:  Click on the following links to complete your research project.

  • National Geographic: Armadillos

  • Animal Planet: Armadillo

  • Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo: Armadillo (YouTube video)

  • San Diego Zoo’s Animal Bytes: Armadillo

  • Armadillo: Encyclopedia Britannica Kids

  • The Cat in the Hat’s Fish Facts: Armadillo

Any parents who are interested in learning more about the newly improved Accelerated Reader program are welcome to come to the Library during Open House on Tuesday, September 18th following the PTA meeting.

I will have computers set up to teach parents how to login to the program from home to access their child’s scores, points earned, and goals.  I will also be available to answer any questions about this program.  Hope to see you there!

Library classes began today!  Students in grades 2-4 were sent on an unusual type of scavenger hunt – an iHunt!

What is an iHunt?   The students were given clues and questions of things to find in the Library.  Instead of writing down the answers, they were asked to take a photo of the item with an iPod.  Then they shared what they learned with the entire class.  So, an iHunt is like a technology-enhanced scavenger hunt!

We’re looking forward to incorporating technology into many of our Library lessons again this year.  Keep reading the RES Library Learner blog to learn more about what happens in the RES Library-Media Center!