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Click here to get the latest information about the book fair!  The Book Fair page on this blog will give you Preview Day (October 24) schedules, Purchase schedules, and information about how to volunteer!

Please click on the following Sign Up Genius link if you would like to know when your child is visiting the Book Fair Fiesta:


  • Classes will be coming to Room 104 for a Student Preview Day on March 3rd.
  • They will be able to purchase books from March 4th-7th from 8 AM until 3 PM.
  • In addition, the Book Fair Fiesta will be open from 5-8 PM during Spaghetti Dinner Night on Friday, March 7th.

Students do not have to wait until their scheduled Library class to exchange books.  They may visit the Library any day during Open Library times!  These times are:

MONDAYS – 8-8:30 AM

TUESDAYS – 8-8:30 AM & 2:30-3 PM



FRIDAYS – 8-8:30 AM

There will be a slight change to the library schedule next week.  I will be working regular hours (8 AM-3:30 PM) on Thursday, December 20th due to the early dismissal.  This means there will be no after school AR & research project sessions on that day.

My regular Thursday schedule (10 AM-5:30 PM) will resume after Winter Break.  Thank you so much!

I wanted to share something new that I am doing this year.  On Thursdays, the library will have different hours.  Instead of being open from 8 AM – 3:30 PM, I will be here from 10 AM – 5:30 PM on Thursdays only.  The plan is that if students are working on research projects, need time to take AR tests, or need a quiet space for completing homework, they will have the option to stay after school and work in the Library.  
I’ve already had a few students take advantage of this in the past few weeks and hope that more will be able to use this flexible time to complete their assignments. I know that some of Mrs. Spessard’s students are planning on working on their GRIP projects during this time as well.
There are a few “rules” to staying:
  • I must have written parent permission no later than Wednesday of the week the students want to stay.
  • No more than 10 students can stay each week.  (I want to be able to spend time working with them and giving them the attention they deserve.)
  • Students must be picked up no later than 5:15 PM.
  • If there are behavior problems, students will not be allowed to stay again.
If you have students who might be able to benefit from this opportunity, please contact me.

Welcome back, Roadrunners!  This is going to be an exciting year at RES.  I’ve already had the chance to visit with nearly every class in the school and everyone seems so happy and motivated to learn.

Unfortunately, I don’t get to teach Library classes during the first week of school.  A lot of students stop me in the hall and ask, “Why don’t we have Library?”  So I thought I would post an entry on my blog dedicated to “A Librarian’s First Week of School” to give a little behind-the-scenes look at what happens.

The beginning of the school year is full of busy, busy, busy things to do!  Among many other things, a school librarian…

  • checks out textbooks to the students and teachers
  • spends time assisting the kindergarten classes
  • checks out equipment (like TVs, projectors, cameras, speakers, etc.) to the teachers
  • processes new books
  • sets up schedules and sign-up sheets for technology (like the iPad cart)
  • organizes the library (this year we completely re-designed the layout of the library shelving and tables)
  • updates the databases for Alexandria Librarian and Accelerated Reader
  • assists teachers with technology issues
  • creates orders for new books and materials
  • attends meetings (and more meetings)
  • meets with teachers to begin collaborative planning and to create a list of materials they would need to help their students be successful learners
  • takes photos and posts updates on the school website
  • updates the school calendar…and more!

Miss Colwell’s kindergarten class visited the library while on a scavenger hunt to search for the Gingerbread Man.

Mrs. Vaughan spends the first few days of school checking out textbooks to all of the students at RES.