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Eric Litwin, author of the now-infamous Pete the Cat books, has written a new book series!  His new title, The Nuts: Bedtime at the Nut House, will be available on July 29!  Click here to go to The Nut Family website.

Even better, Eric Litwin will be coming to the Children’s Museum in Richmond on August 29!!!


Join New York Times bestselling author Eric Litwin as we celebrate the launch of his new picturebook series, The Nuts: Bedtime at the Nut House.  He’ll be singing and reading and signing, it promises to be fun for the entire family.  The event is free, but the purchase of his new book is required in order to enter the signing line.  Food Trucks will be opening at 6pm so come early for dinner.

This event will be hosted by local Richmond bookshop, bbgb.  For more information and to pre-purchase copies of Eric Litwin’s books, be sure to visit the “Book Buzz” section on bbgb’s website!

This week, students were treated to a read-aloud of my new favorite holiday title, An Otis Christmas by Loren Long.

Otis is excited about the expected arrival of a new foal and his first Christmas gift – a new horn!

This week, students will be exploring two worlds in the book Over and Under the Snow by Kate Messner.  This is one of the 10 titles on the primary 2013-14 Virginia Readers’ Choice list.

In this story, students will learn about animals that live under the snow during the cold winter months.

This book comes highly recommended…

Messner packs much information into the serene wintry landscape, beautifully captured in Neal’s stunning retro-style illustrations. Calm, lovely and richly informative. ~New York Times

After students read the story, we will watch a National Geographic video clip about a fox searching for food beneath the snow.  Then we will begin a two-part art project to show what we learned.

The first grade students have been working toward reading all ten of the books on the 2012-2013 Virginia Readers’ Choice list.

The purpose of this Virginia State Reading Association program is…

To encourage young readers to become better acquainted with contemporary books with outstanding literary appeal, to broaden students’ awareness of literature as a life-long pleasure, to encourage reading aloud in classrooms as a means of introducing reading for pleasure, and to honor favorite books and their authors.

The first graders have truly been enjoying the titles we’ve read on this year’s list.  So far, they have participated in lessons about…

  • City Dog, Country Frog  by Mo Willems
  • Dinosaur Versus Bedtime  by Bob Shea
  • Blue Chameleon  by Emily Gravett
  • I Need My Monster  by Amanda Noll
  • Say Hello to Zorro  by Carter Goodrich
  • Immi’s Gift  by Karin Littlewood

Which book will be their favorite?  Only time will tell!

See below for a few activities that the first graders completed on these titles.  Be sure to ask your first grader to retell the story for you!

This year’s Special Book Fair Guest Reader is former teacher and Skippyjon Jones superstar – Heather Wilckens!

Mrs. Wilckens will be reading the newest Skippyjon Jones title, Skippyjon Jones: Cirque de Ole!  She will be in the Library-Media Center on Tuesday, November 6th from 1:40-3:00 PM.

The students are beyond excited!  Stay tuned for posted photos after the big event.

Don’t forget, the All-Star Book Fair where “Every Reader is a Star” begins on November 9th and ends on November 15th!


The RES LMC just received a shipment of NEW Nonfiction titles.  Here are just a few that have arrived today:

Super Trivia Collection

  • This Book Beats the Odds: A Collection of Amazing and Startling Odds
  • This Book is History: A Collection of Cool U.S. History Trivia
  • This Book is Top Secret: A Collection of Awesome Military Trivia
  • This Book Might Bite: A Collection of Wacky Animal Trivia
  • This Book Might Blow You Away: A Collection of Amazing Weather Trivia
  • This Book Might Make You Gag: A Collection of Crazy Gross Trivia
  • This Book Requires Safety Goggles: A Collection of Bizarre Science Trivia
  • This Book’s Got Game: A Collection of Awesome Sports Trivia
America’s Animal Soldiers
  • Dolphins in the Navy
  • Sea Lions in the Navy
  • Horses, Donkeys, and Mules in the Marines
  • War Dogs
Sports Illustrated KIDS: Play Like the Pros
  • Play Baseball Like a Pro
  • Play Basketball Like a Pro
  • Play Football Like a Pro
  • Play Soccer Like a Pro
Be sure to visit the RES Library Catalog for more information about these and other titles available in the RES Library-Media Center!