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Steve Cotler, author of the Cheesie Mack series, visited third through fifth grade Roadrunners on November 18.  He taught the students that every word on a page has a purpose and is meant to be read. He also shared the importance of being reading detectives by looking for clues the author gives them.  They focused on learning as much as they could about the main character, Cheesie, and his best friend, Georgie, by only reading two pages from the book. Mr. Cotler finished his visit by telling a thrilling tale of a camping adventure that had the students laughing hysterically!  Autographed copies of his books will be sent home very soon.  :)

We have been so lucky to have not one, but TWO authors visit our Reading Roadrunners in the past few weeks!

Joe Cundiff, author of Fly to the Moon on a Witch’s Broom, visited with the Kindergarten through 2nd grade classes on October 30 to share his story and tell about how his book became a reality.


Students are “Reaching for the StARs” in this year’s Accelerated Reader program!!

Updates to the hallway progress chart will be made between now and December 1.  Students are working hard this year to try and earn an AR brag tag – and possibly another fun AR celebration at the end of the year.  So far, Reading Roadrunners have earned nearly 5,500 AR points this year!!!

Summary of AR Point Clubs (as of November 18):

  • 5 Point Club — 190 students
  • 10 Point Club — 128 students
  • 25 Point Club — 49 students
  • 50 Point Club — 22 students
  • 100 Point Club — 9 students
  • 200 Point Club — 3 students
  • 300 Point Club — 1 student
  • 400 Point Club — 1 student

During the month of October, Library lessons were focused on characters.  I created a “Guess the Mystery Character” bulletin board to help students understand the importance of character traits.  Students looked at the silhouette of each character and then read the Wordle descriptions to guess which character was represented.  This year I focused on recognizable characters, but next year I plan on adding some more challenging upper-level characters to the mix.  :)


October ended with one of my favorite days:  Book Character Day!  This year, I dressed as the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland to go along with the Kingdom of Reading book fair and handed out free bookmarks to all students who visited the Library that day. Kids were really creative with their costumes this year – and had fun sharing information about their characters with classmates and Book Buddies!




I apologize for not posting lately, but so much has been going on and I’m just now catching up on sharing all of the latest Library excitement!

First, I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to all of the amazing volunteers who worked tirelessly to make the Kingdom of Reading book fair a success.  In fact, this was THE MOST SUCCESSFUL BOOK FAIR EVER AT RES!!!  Wow!!  Thank you thank you thank you for your generosity!  I will be sure to share what our plans are for the money you helped to raise for our school library program.

Here are a few pics from the Kingdom of Reading book fair events…

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Click here to get the latest information about the book fair!  The Book Fair page on this blog will give you Preview Day (October 24) schedules, Purchase schedules, and information about how to volunteer!

Students who have chosen Reading Olympics as one of their clubs during the Roadrunner Block (2:35-3:10 PM) meet on Wednesday afternoons.  The 5th grade group meets with Mrs. Spessard in room 202.  4th graders meet with Mrs. Hadd in room 119 and Mrs. Vaughan in the Library-Media Center.

Please remember the deadlines – the first one is quickly approaching!  Students who wish to continue in the Reading Olympics program must pass the Accelerated Reader test (80% or higher) on books from the RO list.  Reading Olympians must meet these minimum requirements…

  • 2 books by November 1
  • 4 books by February 1
  • 6 books by April 1
Congratulations to the following students who have met the 1st benchmark and can officially call themselves Reading Olympians!!!
    • Arden D.
    • Olivia S.
    • Mason B.
    • Allie B.
    • Emmy P.
    • Tyler P.
    • Marina S.

Click here for more information, including the list of 36 books on this year’s Reading Olympics list.

Last Friday, I had the privilege of being part of the 4th grade team during Regions of Virginia Day at RES.  Each teacher was assigned a region to review and students rotated through the different classrooms to learn & review each area of VA.  I transformed the Library-Media Center into the Valley & Ridge region…a place where I used to live!

Students sat in front of the display and explained what they would see if they visited there: farming (dairy & poultry), apple orchards, wildlife, and many Virginia universities (Virginia Tech, Radford, JMU, & VMI to name a few). Then the students were given the opportunity to taste cheese (to represent dairy farms) and apple juice (to represent apple orchards). While snacking, they watched a slideshow of images from the region including Abingdon’s Barter Theatre (the State Theatre of Virginia), the Bristol Motor Speedway, Natural Tunnel State Park (where I once worked as a Summer Ranger!), the Apple Blossom Festival, state parks, and more. After the slideshow, students listened to music from famous musicians from the region (June Carter Cash, Patsy Cline, Ralph Stanley) and created contrast art (high ridges & low valleys, warm & cool colors) using oil pastels borrowed from Mrs. Edmonds.

Students who came to the Library-Media Center were excited to see this display about the Valley & Ridge region of Virginia.

Students created artwork that depicted the Valley & Ridge region at sunset.

Thank you to the Stern family for the delicious snacks!