Accelerated Reader

Renaissance Place: Home of the AR Program

Bookmark this website!  This is where RES students and teachers can log into the program to take quizzes, print reports, and more!  Quizzes can only be taken on the GCPS school campuses, not at home.  Usernames and passwords are required.

Renaissance Home Connect

Parents can login using their child’s username and password.  This is not a link to taking quizzes at home, but can give parents access to their child’s goals, a list of books read, and more.

AR BookFinder

Students can use the AR BookFinder to search for books that are in the AR program.  They can search for titles based on authors, topics, or titles of books.  The AR BookFinder is updated every Thursday with over 100 new quizzes!

Getting Results with Accelerated Reader

This is an introductory guide book for teachers who are interested in learning some of the techniques that maximize the potential of Accelerated Reader.

Tips for Teachers


  1. Sandra Shamberger says:

    I am trying to locate but have been getting no where. My daughter is in the accelerated reading program at Homer-Center Elementary School in Homer City, PA. Has this site not been set up yet or what is going on? Please contact me. Thank You!!!

  2. I also am having the same problem. I can eventually find it but my son wants to do practice quizzes and such and there is nothing there. I dont understand what Im doing wrong. I followed the instructions from the school. If anyone can help I would appreciate it. I can only get to where I can search and purchase books. Thats isnt what he says its supposed to be.

  3. This is for the Homer Center site also

  4. The AR HomeConnect link on my blog is only specifically for the students at Randolph Elementary School. I don’t have the information for Homer Center, so you will have to contact the Media Specialist there for that information.

    On a side note, my family lives in Homer City (although I went to United)! What a small, small world. I am sure that either of you know my family – my maiden name was Plowcha.

  5. Oh – and the HomeConnect feature does not allow students to take quizzes at home. It is only for parents to access their child’s test scores and search for other books that are in the Accelerated Reader program. I hope this helps!

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