Regions of Virginia Day

Monday, September 22, 2014

Last Friday, I had the privilege of being part of the 4th grade team during Regions of Virginia Day at RES.  Each teacher was assigned a region to review and students rotated through the different classrooms to learn & review each area of VA.  I transformed the Library-Media Center into the Valley & Ridge region…a place where I used to live!

Students sat in front of the display and explained what they would see if they visited there: farming (dairy & poultry), apple orchards, wildlife, and many Virginia universities (Virginia Tech, Radford, JMU, & VMI to name a few). Then the students were given the opportunity to taste cheese (to represent dairy farms) and apple juice (to represent apple orchards). While snacking, they watched a slideshow of images from the region including Abingdon’s Barter Theatre (the State Theatre of Virginia), the Bristol Motor Speedway, Natural Tunnel State Park (where I once worked as a Summer Ranger!), the Apple Blossom Festival, state parks, and more. After the slideshow, students listened to music from famous musicians from the region (June Carter Cash, Patsy Cline, Ralph Stanley) and created contrast art (high ridges & low valleys, warm & cool colors) using oil pastels borrowed from Mrs. Edmonds.

Students who came to the Library-Media Center were excited to see this display about the Valley & Ridge region of Virginia.

Students created artwork that depicted the Valley & Ridge region at sunset.

Thank you to the Stern family for the delicious snacks!

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