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This year, the RES school theme is: Out of This World. My inner Star Wars geek was thrilled to get the chance to promote Science Fiction stories.  So, in addition to displaying some of my Star Wars collectibles, I created a bulletin board that features Origami Yoda from Tom Angleberger’s hilarious series.

May the force (of reading) be with you!

Welcome back, Roadrunners!

This year, learning at Randolph is OUT OF THIS WORLD!  You will probably notice all sorts of space-themed bulletin boards and displays in the hallways.

One of the new additions to the Library-Media Center is this Research Robot. He’s still under construction, but I wanted to post a photo of him so that he could be introduced to all of you.  Each week, the Research Robot will ask a question and students will have until Friday to find the answer.  All completed entries will be placed into the Research Robot’s mouth.  Correct answers will be placed into a random drawing for a prize!


But…this poor robot does not have a name yet!  Can you think of something catchy?  If so, please write the name you would like to suggest for the Research Robot (it should start with the letter R), your first and last name, and your grade level on a piece of paper.  Place your entry in the robot’s mouth.  Then I will go through the name suggestions and will give a prize to the person who suggests the name we use!  All entries for the NAME THAT ROBOT CONTEST are due on Friday, August 29.