AR Continues Through May 30

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

I am SO proud of our Reading Roadrunners!  We have surpassed our goal of earning 7,000 Accelerated Reader points as a school.

As of today, our students have earned 10,113.8 points!!!

    • Kindergarten has scored an amazing 91.1 points so far.  Each book at that level is only worth about 1/2 point, so that’s the equivalent of reading about 182 books…WOW!!!
    • 1st grade has 609.8 points, which is approximately 1,219 books!!!
    • 2nd grade is rocking it out at 1,267 points!!!
    • 3rd grade has earned an impressive 1,525.2 points!!!
    • 4th graders are reading machines with 2,861.3 points!!!
    • 5th grade has read more than ever before with 3759.4 points!!!
And keep reading!  Students have until May 30 to take AR tests.  We have a BIG celebration planned on the morning of June 3.  Stay tuned for more info!

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  1. bella grace says:

    Sadly will not be winning this year…But that doesn’t mean I won’t come in second! Already done with the second school for good and evil!

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