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This week, students learned about the exaggerated world of tall tales!  Paul Bunyan has become one of the most well-known book characters at RES thanks to a week devoted to his stories for all students – from Kindergarten to 5th grade!

Next week, 3rd-5th graders will be creating STEM projects based on a problem that Paul Bunyan has in one of his tales.  Kindergarten & 1st graders will be making a Paul Bunyan character that’s sure to be very tall!  Second graders will finish constructing an activity to review the important elements of tall tales.

This week’s Special Guest Reader was not able to join us on Thursday, so one of our 5th grade students stepped up to the plate and read to Kindergarten, 1st & 2nd grade classes!

Now that the Reading Oasis book fair is over, I am looking for some volunteers who would be willing to come in and help re-shelve library books.  We normally have about 1,500 books that are checked out every week, which means there are always plenty to re-shelve.

In addition, I am still slowly working on adding leveled Accelerated Reader stickers to the books in the Library collection.  Nearly every single book (and there are thousands) will need to have an AR sticker.  These stickers help our students when they are selecting materials to read.

Volunteers who are interested in helping with these tasks (or anything else!) can either contact me at or just show up…anytime!  THANK YOU!

Congratulations to a third grade student for correctly guessing that the “mummified” book at the Reading Oasis book fair had 320 pages in it!  She received a copy of the book, Scholastic World Records: 2013, as a prize!


Friday, November 1st was Student Preview Day at the Book Fair Oasis.  THANK YOU to the amazing parent volunteers who made this possible!

The Book Fair will be open from November 4th-7th.  Click here to see when classes are planning to visit the Book Fair.

Don’t forget:  If you aren’t able to visit the Book Fair this week, you can still purchase books at our Online Book Fair, which ends on November 15th.

The RES Book Fair Oasis is here!

Last week, adult and student volunteers offered to help with the decorations to transform the Library-Media Center into an Ancient Egyptian temple.  I feel very lucky to be working with so many wonderful people!

Also, I want to make sure that a HUGE thank you goes out to the employees at the Short Pump Home Depot.  They donated $50 worth of items (such as duck tape, masking tape, dowel rods, and more) AND they loaned me some of the other items to use for the book fair displays!  Thanks again, Home Depot, for helping to make this fundraiser a success!

Students created cartouches and designed burial masks to display at the book fair.

Volunteers (including my Dad!) helped to make the decorations for the book fair.