Reading Oasis Book Fair Volunteers Needed

Friday, October 11, 2013

Volunteers are needed to help with the Reading Oasis Book Fair!

  • October 31st – Set Up Day from 1-3 PM
  • November 1st – Student Preview Day from 8AM-3 PM
  • November 4th – Purchase Day from 12-3 PM
  • November 5th – Parent Conference Day *Special Hours from 12-6 PM
  • November 6th – Purchase Day from 8 AM-3PM
  • November 7th – Final Purchase Day from 8AM-1:30 PM
  • November 7th – Take Down Book Fair from 1:30-3 PM
Contact RES Library-Media Specialist, Susan Vaughan
OR visit the Reading Oasis Book Fair Sign-Up Genius:


  1. Bella Grace Finck says:

    That looks familiar….. Maybe because Olivia and I ROCKED that poster of it!

    P.S. I wanna be a helper for it. Please?

    Bella Grace, Your humble (and willing!) servant

  2. Yes, you did paint a fantastic promotional poster for the Book Fair…and OF COURSE you can help with it, BG!

  3. Keeley says:


    Is it possible for me to be one of your book fair cashiers? I don’t mind what I help with but that is my first choice.

    Keeley, your humble assistant

    1. Hi Keeley! I’m sure that you can assist one of my volunteers with working the Book Fair registers. Thanks for offering to help! You are an awesome Library Helper! Mrs. V.

  4. Jennifer says:

    Library rocks

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