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Last week, when the 3rd grade boys visited the Library for the No Girls Allowed book club, they were thrilled to discover that they enjoyed reading joke books!  Mrs. Spessard led the group on some hilarious adventures!

A 3rd grade boy reads jokes to a friend during the No Girls Allowed book club.

Boys competed in a joke matching tournament during the No Girls Allowed book club.

This week, the No Girls Allowed book club focused on scary stories.  They listened to an audio recording of “The Viper” from Alvin Schwartz’s Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark.  Then they read four short story beginnings and added text to make the story even scarier.  Finally, the boys began a round-robin scary story-telling adventure.  This story will be completed during next week’s book club meeting.

Boys worked together to begin telling a scary story during the No Girls Allowed book club meeting.

3rd grade students were introduced to the world of research in Library classes.  They learned about Grolier Online, a database full of nonfiction resources including encyclopedia articles, magazine articles, and links to websites.

We focused our research on the topic of bats for this project.  Students searched through the database to learn important facts and then added them to our poster.

The next research project will give 3rd graders an opportunity to further explore the Grolier Online website.

3rd graders learned about bats in Library classes.

Book Character Day is nearly here!  Who will you be?

There are so many amazing characters in the books we read.  One of second grade’s favorite is Splat from the book Scaredy-Cat, Splat! by Rob Scotton.

In Library class, the second graders talked about character traits – and Splat is definitely a real “character”!  They described him as silly, funny, entertaining, goofy, crazy, and friendly.

Students made Splat the Cat crafts to display in the Library during Book Character Week.

Students described Splat as a real scaredy-cat!

Be sure to check out the display in the Library!

First grade students enjoyed Steve Metzger’s Skeleton Meets the Mummy during Library time this week.


Madison’s mummy (from Mrs. Pechan’s 1st grade class)

The first grade mummies will be on display in the Library during the Ancient Egyptian Book Fair (November 1-7).

AR is off to a FANTASTIC start at RES this year!  We’ve set a school-wide goal of earning 7 THOUSAND POINTS this year.  If we do, Mrs. Crowder promised to sit on the roof of our school and throw out prizes to students who participated in the AR program during the 2013-14 school year.

I’m happy to say that as of today, our students have already earned 1,916 total points!  We are on track to surpass our goal…maybe we should change it to 10,000!!!

Way to go, Roadrunners!  You rock!

Fifth grade students are working on a research unit about MONSTERS!

They must choose a legendary “monster” or mythological creature from a pre-selected list.  Then fifth graders will use at least three reference sources of information.

Monster facts include:

  • Legend/Origin
  • Personality
  • Physical Description
  • Special Abilities
  • Habitat
  • Weaknesses
  • Strengths
  • Good or Bad Guy?
  • Enemies/Friends
  • Life Span (How old or when it lived.)
  • Descriptor Words
  • Character Traits
  • Where are they from? Book or story?
  • Food
  • Favorite Facts

Click here to visit Rick Riordan’s Camp Half-Blood website and learn more about some of the mythological creatures mentioned in the Percy Jackson books.

Click here to go to the Grolier Online website to research monsters on online encyclopedias.

Volunteers are needed to help with the Reading Oasis Book Fair!

  • October 31st – Set Up Day from 1-3 PM
  • November 1st – Student Preview Day from 8AM-3 PM
  • November 4th – Purchase Day from 12-3 PM
  • November 5th – Parent Conference Day *Special Hours from 12-6 PM
  • November 6th – Purchase Day from 8 AM-3PM
  • November 7th – Final Purchase Day from 8AM-1:30 PM
  • November 7th – Take Down Book Fair from 1:30-3 PM
Contact RES Library-Media Specialist, Susan Vaughan
OR visit the Reading Oasis Book Fair Sign-Up Genius:

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This afternoon, the first meeting of the “No Girls Allowed Book Club” for 3rd grade boys took place.  The boys were introduced to Tom Angleberger’s Origami Yoda book series and had the opportunity to create their very own Origami Yoda puppets!

Origami Yoda, we made!

Next week, the No Girls Allowed Book Club will not meet due to PTA’s Roadrunner on the Run event.  The next club meeting will be on Friday, October 18th with a focus on joke books!

Third grade boys watched a video that introduced them to Star Wars Reads Day.

An example of an Origami Yoda puppet made during the No Girls Allowed Book Club on October 4th.

Calling all Star Wars fans!  Did you know that Saturday, October 5th is the second annual Star Wars Reads Day?

It gets even better!  Local bookstore, BBGB, is hosting an author event with none other than Tom Angleberger, author of the incredibly popular Origami Yoda books!  He will be at BBGB on Saturday, October 5th @ 1 PM to promote his NEW book, The Surprise Attack of Jabba the Puppet.

Dark times have fallen on McQuarrie Middle School. Dwight is back–and not a moment too soon–as Kellen, Sara, and the gang face a new Menace: the FunTime Educational Program. FunTime is supposed to raise students’ standardized test scores. Instead, it’s driving everyone crazy. The students turn to Origami Yoda for help.

If you are planning on attending, be sure to pre-order Tom Angleberger’s books so that you can get them signed at the event!

bbgb books 3100 Kensington Ave Richmond, VA 23221 Attending: Tom Angleberger