NEW Nonfiction

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The RES LMC just received a shipment of NEW Nonfiction titles.  Here are just a few that have arrived today:

Super Trivia Collection

  • This Book Beats the Odds: A Collection of Amazing and Startling Odds
  • This Book is History: A Collection of Cool U.S. History Trivia
  • This Book is Top Secret: A Collection of Awesome Military Trivia
  • This Book Might Bite: A Collection of Wacky Animal Trivia
  • This Book Might Blow You Away: A Collection of Amazing Weather Trivia
  • This Book Might Make You Gag: A Collection of Crazy Gross Trivia
  • This Book Requires Safety Goggles: A Collection of Bizarre Science Trivia
  • This Book’s Got Game: A Collection of Awesome Sports Trivia
America’s Animal Soldiers
  • Dolphins in the Navy
  • Sea Lions in the Navy
  • Horses, Donkeys, and Mules in the Marines
  • War Dogs
Sports Illustrated KIDS: Play Like the Pros
  • Play Baseball Like a Pro
  • Play Basketball Like a Pro
  • Play Football Like a Pro
  • Play Soccer Like a Pro
Be sure to visit the RES Library Catalog for more information about these and other titles available in the RES Library-Media Center!

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