Armadillo Research Project

Thursday, September 27, 2012

The second grade students are working on animal research projects in their science classes.  In the library, they will be learning some useful research skills as we work on a group project to learn more about armadillos.

Why armadillos?  We were inspired to learn more about armadillos after reading Jan Brett’s book, Armadillo Rodeo.  In that story, we learned that armadillos have poor eyesight and can curl into a ball to protect themselves.  Students had many other questions about this animal and we’re hoping that our research project will help to answer them.

Students:  Click on the following links to complete your research project.

  • National Geographic: Armadillos

  • Animal Planet: Armadillo

  • Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo: Armadillo (YouTube video)

  • San Diego Zoo’s Animal Bytes: Armadillo

  • Armadillo: Encyclopedia Britannica Kids

  • The Cat in the Hat’s Fish Facts: Armadillo

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