Richmond’s CBS 6 Anchor Visits GMS

Mrs. Cindy Charlton-Matejka, Grade 8 English, made a memorable day happen for her students last week.

On Wednesday, Bill Fitzgerald, news anchor for Richmond’s CBS 6, spent an afternoon with Mrs. Charlton-Matejka’s eighth graders. He talked with students about his experiences as a news broadcaster and how they are directly connected to his experiences as a student. Fitzgerald’s central message to Charlton-Matejka’s English students was to become as proficient with literacy as possible. “Read, write, and speak with clarity and thought every single day,” said Fitzgerald. “Your ability to do all three well will serve you in any profession — and in life.”

Mrs. Charlton-Matejka, her eighth grade class, and Goochland Middle School even got some outstanding on-air time thanks to Fitzgerald.

Richmond’s CBS 6 News Anchor, Bill Fitzgerald, addresses Mrs. Cindy Charlton-Matejka’s eighth grade English class.

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