AP Chemistry Lesson – Community (and University) Partnership

Last week I had the opportunity to spend part of an afternoon with Ms. Casey Rogers’ Chemistry class at Goochland High School. Ms. Rogers has the reputation of bringing science to life every day for her students, and it doesn’t take more than a few minutes in her classroom for that to reputation to be affirmed. She’s energized by both the course content and by her students.

The day I visited I also got to see firsthand the power of community partnership with our schools. Dr. Joseph Turner from VCU’s Chemistry Department co-taught alongside Ms. Rogers that afternoon. He gave of his time and expertise in an effort to enhance the learning experience for our students. Dr. Turner is an active member of our STEM Advisory Committee, as well as a committed volunteer who’s presence is consistent: from our annual S.T.E.M. Camp to Conundrum Day to last month’s outdoor classroom dedication at Goochland Elementary School.

Dr. Turner’s partnership with Ms. Rogers and with GCPS is one of many that helps make our division an exceptional place for students and staff. To Dr. Turner and all of our supportive community volunteers – thank you.

Ms. Rogers sets the stage for the day’s lesson on diffusion.

Dr. Turner conducts a first-person demonstration of the way gas molecules disperse.

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