“Internet Essentials”

Internet access is a challenge in many parts of Virginia, our community is no exception. While success in school is certainly not dependent on connectivity at home, we are always pursuing creative solutions for our students to extend and deepen their learning outside of school hours (i.e. the creation of rich, digital learning content that does not rely on an at-home Internet connection; the pursuit of grant opportunities that could result in free MiFi devices for in-home use; etc.).

We wanted to make our families aware of a program called “Internet Essentials from Comcast” that provides broadband access at significantly reduced rates for families who “have at least one child eligible to participate in the National School Lunch Program.”

If you have questions about the National School Lunch Program, please contact your child’s school or Ms. Lisa Landrum, Supervisor of School Nutrition, at (804) 556-5604.

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