STEM Camp 2014!

Goochland County Public School’s 3rd Anual STEM Camp will take place June 16-20. STEM Camp has become a summer highlight for students, families, and faculty members alike.

Information will be coming home with students in the next few weeks; in the meantime, mark your calendars now – and this year’s brochure/registration may be accessed here.

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4 Responses to STEM Camp 2014!

  1. Dot Jimerson says:

    Regarding the summer STEM camp. We have a second grade daughter who wants to participate in the Sweet and Sassy camp. She will be at the Y summer camp program. I’m trying to find out where the S&S camp will be held. If not at the Y, will transportation from there be possible.

  2. sgeyer says:

    Ms. Jimerson – This year’s STEM Camp will be held at Goochland Middle School. Yes, ma’am – the Goochland YMCA will be a pick-up/drop-off point during the week of camp. Please don’t hesitate to call me if you have other questions: (804) 556-5609.

  3. Mrs. Wheatley says:


    I have a couple questions regarding the STEM camp: is bus transportation to and from GMS provided by the school system or are the parents responsible for it? Does the field trip to the SMV on Friday follow the same schedule as the other days (kids will be back by 11:30am)?

    Thank you

    • sgeyer says:

      Mrs. Wheatley – Yes, ma’am – bus transportation is provided to/from STEM camp for the full week, as well as to/from SMV. The SMV day has generally been a longer day than the other four, with an arrival time back at GMS around 2:30PM.

      Thank you.