GCPS Receives Year Round School Feasibility Study Grant Award

The Goochland County Public Schools have received $50,000 in grant funding to be used in planning for a pilot year-round-school initiative at Randolph Elementary School.  The division will begin immediately recruiting an extraordinary educator to study the feasibility of the pilot program and to make recommendations to the board regarding potential implementation. The intended program will follow the “school-within-a-school” model and will serve one Kindergarten and one First Grade classroom.

“It’s important to understand that while no parents will be required to enroll their children in the program, all parents will have the opportunity to explore it and select this if they see it as a good fit for their child,” explained superintendent Dr. James Lane.

Students who participate in the year-round pilot would start in mid-July 2014 and attend classes for nine-weeks at a time, with three-week intercessions following each session.  “We see this as a wonderful way to reduce “summer slump” in learning retention and provide remediation opportunities for some students during the intercessions,” commented Sandra Crowder, principal of Randolph Elementary School. “We are thrilled to host the pilot and pursue this innovative avenue that could be so positive for so many students.”

The division will hold information sessions and produce explanatory literature in the coming weeks to ensure that all stakeholders have the opportunity to ask questions and fully understand the pilot program.

Contact: Dr. Stephen Geyer, Assistant Superintendent of Instruction (804-556-5601)