Jan 31

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Changes to School Messenger!

We have made some significant changes to School Messenger. Now you can have up to 6 phone numbers, 6 emails and 6 SMS (text messages).**Please check with your phone carrier if you are not sure of your text messaging plan.

You will log into PowerSchool like you normally do, or have done in the past. If you have NOT set up your login, please contact your child’s school to receive your information and they can help you go through the steps of getting yourself set up. If you have been using your child’s login, you will not have access to make the necessary changes to your numbers and emails. You must be logged in as a guardian/parent.

Once you are at the login screen, if you have forgotten your login or password, click on the “having trouble logging in” blue link to have your information sent to you.


On the left hand side of the screen, click on the School Messenger link.













A new window will appear. You will 2 tabs. The Messages Tab will show all messages sent through the School Messenger system. The Contacts tab will allow you to make changes to the phone numbers and emails to receive contacts.







Here are some messages you might see. Notice you can play any audio messages, as well as read any emails or SMS messages.




Once you click on the Contacts tab, you will see your list of children. To the right of their names is an Edit link.






Enter the Phone Numbers and Email Addresses. Keep the “Save to All Contacts” checked if you want all of your children to have the same information. Otherwise, you can enter the information separately.










Click on SAVE when you are done. If you ever need to make a change, just log back into PowerSchool and make the changes. Please let our school know if you need any assistance.


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