Statement About Meningitis from Dr. Lane

A Message from the Superintendent:

“Team Goochland,

We were notified by the health department that a teenager who was served at a facility in Goochland died from a possible case of bacterial meningitis. We were very sad to hear this tragic news and encourage everyone to keep the family in your thoughts.

Based on the information that we have received at this point, we have no reason to believe that any Goochland County Public Schools students have been in contact with this child. GCPS does not operate the facility where the child was served nor have any GCPS students attended this school in recent history.  Additionally, we do not believe the affected child was a permanent resident of Goochland County.

Because our students are not directly involved in this incident and we have no reason to believe that our students were in the vicinity of the affected child, we encourage any concerned parents or citizens to contact the Goochland County Health Department for further questions.

For contact information for the health department, please follow this link:

If any of the information we have reported changes significantly, we will let you know as soon as possible.”

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