Middle School Band Scores Big at Busch Gardens

The GMS band had a great day at Busch Gardens last week!

The 8th grade band received third place with the rating of “Excellent”. The 6th grade band received second place with the rating of “Superior”. The 7th grade band received first place with the rating of superior! The 7th grade band also went on to receive grand champion for instrumental music for the day!

Emily Roberts, the oboe player from the beginning band, received the outstanding musician award. Garrett Kemmerly  received an outstanding musician award for his tuba playing. Dawn Ellis, a percussionist from the 7th grade group, also received an outstanding musician award. The 8th grade flute section received an award for the outstanding section of the day. Margaret Black from the 8th grade group received the outstanding soloist award for the day!

Way to go Mr. Sykes and Goochland Middle School band kids!

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One Response to Middle School Band Scores Big at Busch Gardens

  1. Emily Ray says:

    I am so proud of the individual students named for making outstanding music, and so thankful that we have Mr. Sykes, our very own Mr. Holland. Thank you for working so patiently with these young musicians. Students, keep practicing! I gave up piano at age 15 and have regretted it because there are few things so expressive as music. Keep up the beat!