School Board Honors First ECCHO Award Recipients

GCPS is serious about living, working and leading in alignment with the five Core Values expressed in our strategic plan. Additionally, we are thoroughly committed to the pursuit of our vision which calls us to be intentional about having a positive impact on those around us.

The ECCHO Awards will be given monthly at the school board meeting in recognition of students and staff who have exemplified that positive impact and the display of our Core Values.

During the September 9 board meeting, we recognized seven employees with the first ECCHO Awards:

  • Tim Greenway
  • Mike Verasstro
  • Kenny Bouwens
  • Zach Herbert
  • Daniel Allen
  • Staff Sgt. Dan Strong
  • Major Mike Petruzzielio
The nomination specifically highlighted these individuals’ display of Excellence, citing that “they performed quality work, painting the preschool facility as though it was their own home”, and Honor, because they are “committed to sacrificial service and leadership, intentionally had positive impact on others, thinking about the needs of another school and other teachers and students above their own.”

Goochland County Public Schools ECCHO Award winners. L to R: Dr. James Lane, superintendent, Tim Greenway, Mike Verasstro, Kenny Bouwens, Zach Herbert, Daniel Allen, Dan Strong, Mike Petruzzielio, Michael Payne, school board chair.

Congratulations to these employees who are giving hands and feet to our mission and vision!

We invite our employees to use the form below, found on the right of this page (“Educator Resources” page) to nominate colleagues or students for this award in the future:

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