One District One Book Official Press Release


Goochland Community Adopts One District, One Book, Division-Wide Book Program  

The Goochland County Public Schools are excited to announce a new initiative, One District, One Book, a program that provides elementary children at all grade levels with the opportunity to share the same book over the same time period. Every elementary school family will receive a copy of this same book and will be asked to participate together in a literacy experience during the month of February. The title of the book will be announced at a special school-wide assembly introducing the program and the book on Monday, February 3.

What about reading the same book with students of varying ages and reading abilities? “Literacy experts recommend reading material out loud that is beyond a child’s individual reading level,” explained Dr. Steve Geyer Assistant Superintendent of Instruction. “Those same experts support reading chapter books aloud with older children, even when they are able to read independently.”

The initiative is intended to generate a shared experience in which all members of the school community read and discuss the same book. Activities, such as trivia games, will be provided to students during school with the hopes that families and community members will participate as well.

The books are being provided through the generosity of The Goochland Education Foundation (GEF) and Ms. Tamra Adams, Director, Adams International School. “We are thrilled with this partnership,” said superintendent Dr. James Lane. “We see this as a powerful way to boost literacy and further engage the community in the heart of our work with students.”

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