A Colleague Shares Expertise

I was privileged to have Bea Cantor, GCPS ITRT, virtually visit a class I am teaching on assessment and student growth. A group of 12 teachers from the Metro Richmond area interacted with Bea via video chat regarding the G21 model and, specifically, how it encourages measurement of what VCU’s James McMillan calls “21st Century Disposition.” I think McMillan’s term much better captures what we (educators) mean when we refer to 21st century skills. It’s the attitude, beliefs and values that comprise a student’s personality and character.

Bea was exceptional. Those of us familiar with her work would expect no less. Her ability to articulate the conceptual model of G21 and, more importantly, engaging, project-based instruction left a profound mark on my students.

Bea Cantor explains her work with teachers in designing and implementing project-based lessons to Richmond-area teachers.

But what I most want to share was just how evident it was to me, hearing somewhat objectively the questions and answers, that our G21 model reflects the tenants of great instruction and great assessment. It’s a framework custom-designed to speak to these oft-referenced 21st century skills, or “dispositions,” encouraging teachers to emphasize problem-solving, collaboration, and creativity through a student-centered, self-reflective process.

I’ve been sold on Hendron’s model for a while now. This just put a few more blocks in the foundation.

Many thanks, Bea!



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