GCPS Welcomes New Volunteers

As we begin a new school year, I wanted to take a moment to remind our staff and community that background checks are necessary for any volunteer who will:

  1. have repeated exposure to students
  2. be unsupervised with students

The checks are done at our expense and to the degree possible, at your convenience. We truly appreciate the generosity of our great community and we embrace the opportunity to partner with our tremendous group of volunteers.

If you are interested in volunteering in our schools (or you are interested in recruiting an excellent volunteer) please use the application process detailed on this page.

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4 Responses to GCPS Welcomes New Volunteers

  1. Vicki Dacey says:

    If I had a a background check last fall, do I have to do it again? How often should I expect to have to update this? Thank you, Vicki Dacey

    • pgretz says:

      Hi Vicky,

      We go by the same schedule that we are required to follow for teachers, which is 90 days. If someone is separated from service for 90 days, we require another background check.

      With volunteers, we generally follow that schedule but not rigidly. We allow flexibility of a few days to adjust for the summer break. If you’ve had the screening and your only separation is your child’s summer break we do not require a second screening unless circumstances lead us to do so.

  2. Toyya Sims says:

    I did a back ground check when my daughter was in BES for roommom, would I have to get another one? Thanks

    • pgretz says:

      Hi Toyya,

      Please see the previous comment. If you’ve been separated from your volunteer work for longer than a three month period, please talk with your child’s principal to determine where you are regarding our schedule of screenings. You are also welcome to contact me any time to discuss this (804.556.5601).