Guitar Club Going Strong

The GHS Guitar Club met again last week. Three new guitarists joined us, one of whom was Mr. Getter. The club continues to deepen in the experience and styles represented. Mr. Getter shared a couple of original ideas that dated back to his high school days, as well as some spanish finger-picking patterns that he demonstrated. I’ve tried them at home and will need to practice a bit more to even touch the way he flew through them!

Jason and David demonstrated a low-B jam in which Jason’s guitar was dropped to a low B to create a dark, crunching effect with the low E-string. David, who typically plays bass but enjoys playing most things with strings, played a chord progression while Jason created some original lead solo parts over top.

Newcomer, JT, an avid Eddie Van Halen fan, demonstrated some rigth-hand finger tapping techniques and displayed a few of the tunes he goes to when he has a few minutes to play on his own.

Our plan is to put together something to perform during the Arts Festival in May. That’s a tall order, considering it happens in a month, but I know this group is up for the challenge…

It’s amazing what a few minutes of unbridled creativity can do for you in the middle of the day.

For the club – click the link to revisit the modal DADDAD tuning we discussed: DADDAD Open Tuning



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