Little Artists at RES

I thoroughly enjoyed spending some time this morning with some wonderful artists in Mrs. Edmond’s class at Randolph Elementary. These first graders had been working specifically on spacial representations and were painting pictures of flowers sitting on top of a table. It was remarkable to see how such young children were able to consider advanced topics – perspective, angles, the way the vase “jumped out” from the background of the table top. Beautiful work!

They also had been purposeful about how to use color – and blocks of color – in the background in connection with patterns, so as not to overwhelm the subject of the picture.

Flower Painting in Mrs. Edmonds' First Grade Art Class

Flower Painting in Mrs. Edmonds' First Grade Art Class

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2 Responses to Little Artists at RES

  1. It is amazing to see the wonderful art our students are able to do under the watchful eye and encouraging instruction of our art teachers. Every week I find myself telling them how wonderful the new art displays in the hall are.

  2. pgretz says:

    I couldn’t agree more…