Tuition Reimbursement 09 10

GCPS provides tuition reimbursement for one reason – to support the development & professional goals of staff members. In past years, we have been able to pay the entire tuition bill for a class (minus fees & textbooks), regardless of the differentiated cost by university or program. During the economic pinch that began last year, we had to implement a cap that would limit the amount of tuition to be reimbursed. The key was to do it in a way that maximized the benefit for individuals while spreading it as thoroughly throughout the division.

So this year, we can reimburse up to $500 per 3 credit hour class – as many as four of those per year (July 1 to June 30, includes the summer). There are some areas that could be misinterpreted, so I want to clarify how this will work.

Remember, our goal is to support your development – and we do that by helping you pay for up to four classes per year. Our goal is not to make sure everyone gets $2,000, but that everyone gets help with up to four classes.

If you take a one or two credit hour class, and the tuition is less than the allowable $500 – the money left over after the reimbursement is not transferable. You cannot “carry” the remaining money to another class. That reimbursement is over – it’s an event. So the reimbursement is not prorated by hour.

Similarly, if you take a one or two credit hour class that is more than the allowable $500 – you’ll get the full $500 reimbursement.

This is the benefit we are able to offer during a time when many divisions have had to shut down their reimbursement programs. It doesn’t pay your entire tuition, and it is limited. If more people tap the fund, it will run dry sooner. If not, there may be some left at the end of the year. We have no way of knowing how many requests will come in. We do encourage you to pursue courses that interest you or support your professional goals. Complete the form, get it signed by your principal and send it over to me. Once it’s approved, you’ll get it back – and submit that copy (with all approvals) with your receipt.

As always, please call me with any questions.

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  1. kstreagle says:

    Pete, Thanks for the clarification!